PodMov Daily: Tuesday, February 11

    Episode 140: Testing, One Two-sday

    The Art of the Thoughtful Fundraising Campaign

    Individual podcasters have much to learn from fruitful fundraising campaigns. Gina James, Senior Director of Development at PRX and Radiotopia, explains the philosophy behind Radiotopia’s annual ask. The central question is “What truly moves people from considering the act of giving to actually making a donation?”

    Although there’s “no magic formula,” thoughtful, listener-centered planning goes a long way. “Our philosophy is to craft campaigns that are as well designed as the programs themselves,” James asserts. Every detail, from collaborative brainstorming to the design of thank-you rewards, respects and appreciates the listener.

    “We have committed to treating every donor — from the ones who give $1 to the ones who give $10,000 — the same,” James writes. “We realize that every donor has a wallet of varying size, but much more importantly, they have a heart that has found something in us.”

    Renegade Radio: Creative Podcast Expansion in Malaysia

    The widespread popularity of radio in Malaysia is making room for podcasts, writes Jesslyn Chai of Vulcan Post. Chai spoke with Kelvin Tay, the co-founder and CEO of Renegade Radio, an independent podcast network that began as a passion project.

    Renegade Radio launched in 2018 as a well-planned yet experimental venture. Tay explains, “I did some research on the Malaysian podcasting scene and realised we don’t really have one. So, why not create a network?” Renegade’s four co-founders learned the business from scratch and are now aiming to grow into sustainability within 2 years.

    Currently managing 5 podcasts, Renegade mostly focuses on human interest and entertainment content to attract first-time podcast listeners. Tay emphasizes meeting the audience halfway: “We are always exploring and finding new niches that highlight Malaysians and the life we live.”

    Extra Credit: The Underrated Power of Shownotes

    Although shownotes are technically supplementary material, podcasters shouldn’t neglect their potential to add depth and value to episodes. Prompted by a reader question, Colin Gray of The Podcast Host digs into the process and benefits of better blogging.

    “You’re missing a trick in growing your audience” with bare-bones posts, Gray explains. Detailed, well-structured notes often “attract new listeners through search traffic,” an underrated perk. The article covers solutions for those short on time or SEO experience in addition to promo professionals.

    Some podcasters go all out (“turning [their] podcast shownotes into a massive fan-building, conversion-creating multi-media experience”) while others keep it simple. Gray’s listener-focused suggestions are flexible enough to enhance shows of all stripes.

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    When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.

    Here’s what else is going on:

    • Injustice system: A six-part companion audio series for the ABC legal drama “For Life” premieres today. Weekly episodes share “true, first-person stories of people who were wrongfully convicted” and later exonerated.
    • Hidden harmony: Roman Mars of 99% Invisible will be releasing his first book in October. The 99% Invisible City: A Field Guide to Hidden World of Everyday Design illustrates “various elements that make our cities work.”
    • Promo code: Sam Balter, HubSpot’s Senior Marketing Manager for Podcasts, explains how to accurately measure the performance of a branded podcast, including formulas to determine engagement and monetary value.
    • Stormy conditions: Spotify “faces both a bright and uncertain future.” Will Healy of The Motley Fool details why “Spotify stock will trade at higher levels five years from now if it can manage to fend off its large competitors.”