PodMov Daily: Monday, February 10

    Episode 139: Your Monday Mix

    From Lost to Listeners: Josh Cary on Banishing Podcast Fear

    This Monday’s guest article from Josh Cary is all about making the leap from fear into podcasting. Cary is a producer, event organizer, and the co-host of two podcasts including The Hidden Entrepreneur Show.

    He argues from experience that many skilled, talented potential podcasters never launch because “they are scared out of their minds!” Cary’s been there: “While trying to seek the approval of anyone, I gained the approval of no one,” he admits.

    Now an accomplished podcaster, Cary credits his two children with the inspiration he needed to take the plunge. Encouraging others is his main goal: “We all have the same innate power, skill, talent and ability to hone in any direction we choose.”

    Google Podcasts Launches a Searchable Front Page

    Google Podcasts now has a searchable front page that provides top and trending recommendations. Until now accessing Google Podcasts has been tricky, requiring a workaround from being pushed to the Search function, added last spring.

    Homepage features are convenient and will help with discoverability. “Tapping on cover art will show the same list of [suggested] episodes,” reports Abner Li of 9to5google. “More powerful is the ability to search Google Podcasts with a field at the top of the screen.”

    Although it “does not list your subscriptions […] playback positions are still synced and you can manually visit shows you listen to,” Abner points out. Users can learn the ropes with Podnews’ updated Google Podcasts FAQ and “page giving advice on getting listed.”

    Higher Learning: Colleges’ Expanding Podcast Strategy

    Podcasting’s ubiquity in academics is gaining organized momentum far beyond the classroom. Elizabethtown College, a small private college in southeast Pennsylvania, is developing a remarkably thorough podcasting strategy.

    Faculty members are already on board. A history professor plans to turn a nonfiction book in progress into a podcast. A professor of religion and Asian Studies, a frequent podcast guest, is ready to start one of his own.

    An upcoming Digital Humanities resource to “teach students and faculty about making podcasts” will include a code of ethics test. A campus channel, official tagline and branding, and promotional plans are in motion.

    Patreon: Truly Independent Income for Podcasters

    Earning income from podcasting is a common goal, but no two creators are alike. Why limit your revenue options? With Patreon, there’s more than one way to fuel what you do.

    Patreon’s membership platform gives creators the freedom to securely share exclusive content with their biggest fans. Your active community gets access through a monthly subscription, providing you with consistent income. On Patreon, the benefits and rewards are a win-win.

    The best part? Advertising is welcome in your personalized mix — many successful podcasters on Patreon are part of networks. Keep your business thriving with memberships, ads, and paid sponsorships. Predictable, recurring revenue has never been more streamlined.

    Ready to rock your returns, your way? Find independent solutions that work with Patreon.

    A surplus of effort could overcome a deficit of confidence.

    Here’s what else is going on:

    • Well read: The journalism nonprofit ProPublica has been nominated for four 2020 National Magazine Awards. Its work in podcasting, as well as public interest and digital innovation, has been recognized for excellence in print and digital media.
    • Sound mind: Deadline reports that scripted podcast label Storyglass and Australian production company Easy Tiger are “developing an international audio series based around the controversial Project MK-Ultra.” The 6-part show is “expected to air later this year.”
    • Fresh produce: How many new shows were added to Apple Podcasts in 2019? Chartable counts 294,736. As Podcast Business Journal observes, “800 podcasts per day translates to one every two minutes.”
    • Future plans: Today Radio Ink will share new data from Westwood One to help podcasters “stay one step ahead” of the ad game. The discussion will be about how podcast ad revenue will reach $2 billion and how the radio industry can benefit.