PodMov Daily: Friday, February 7

    Episode 138: Week Download Complete

    Gems of Production Wisdom from TK Dutes

    In a piece for WOC Podcasters, Madeline Wright shares “behind-the-scenes gems” of podcasting wisdom from executive producing consultant Keisha “TK” Dutes. Dutes, a “powerhouse speaker,” leads production of Hear to Slay with Roxane Gay and Tressie McMillan Cottom.

    Audio producers in particular will find creative, actionable solutions to problems like budget constraints and lack of name recognition. “Make things. Make clips. Make stories. Make a show for yourself,” Dutes insists. [Early on] “I had no business making an audio drama but I made two. Try different things. Surprise people. Be consistent.”

    For those entering the space, Dutes describes the rewarding process of breaking into podcasting from broadcast radio. “I learned that I could teach, that I could physically edit, and I learned the language of what I was doing,” Dutes says. “Giving a vocabulary to the skills I had was what finally cracked the code for me into this community.”

    Expatriate Podcasts Navigate Life and Love in China

    “Podcasts about news from China, Chinese history, and learning Mandarin are popular among expatriates who come to stay or settle in China,” but what about everyday life? Joey Knotts and Finn Todd of The Beijinger explore 6 podcasts about “the actual experience of living as foreigners in Beijing and Shanghai.”

    On How China Works, Brendan Davis and Yingying Li guide their curious audience through a “crash course” of essentials. The first season details “doing business, dating, finance, and even working with the government.” The topic of dating takes center stage in a podcast Knotts and Todd had to mention, Date Night China.

    They assume readers “clicked this article and then immediately scrolled down to find” Date Night China, which is entertaining in itself. Nathan Williams (British) and Rachel Weiss (American) “combine their knowledge of the Beijing dating scene,” sharing a “variety of perspectives” with guests.

    Kuku FM: Multilingual Podcasts for India’s Listeners

    The India-based podcast production startup Kuku FM has announced a $5.5 million round of funding, reports Avanish Tiwary for Tech in Asia. To meet demand, the company plans to “increase the number of languages [offered] from only Hindi to other vernacular languages such as Telugu, Bengali, Marathi, and Gujarati.”

    Plans for the funding round will benefit the 3,000+ creators at Kuku FM with enhanced production and marketing support. The platform, founded in 2018, currently “allows its users to upload original podcasts, as well as to work with professionals to translate well-known books into podcasts.”

    “Growing up in a small town of Rajasthan, I have experienced firsthand the impact that easy access to quality content can have on a person,” said said CEO and co-founder Lal Chand Bisu. “With Kuku FM, we are aiming to democratize audio content in languages that are close to the hearts of Indians.”

    Monetize Your Podcast with MediaRadar Podcasts

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    Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor.

    Here’s what else is going on:

    • Cell out: A “surprisingly robust” digital audio workstation has been developed for Microsoft Excel, reports The Verge. Electronic musician Dylan Tallchief’s software suite, xlStudio, boasts a wide range of features primed for podcast music experiments.
    • Helping hand: An article from Charity Digital News suggests podcasts as a cost-effective way to “promote your charity and find like-minded supporters.” Tips emphasize niche advertising, story pitches, and guest appearances to spread awareness.
    • Play ball: The Athletic has announced plans for a major expansion of its podcast business this year, according to Front Office Sports. The subscription-based site will add over 50 shows, a 30% lineup increase. Some new offerings will be ad-supported.
    • Think fast: On-the-go cell phone recordings of decent quality are within reach. Matthew Boudreau of The Podcast Host reviews recording apps for Android that quickly and easily produce “high-quality mp3 and uncompressed wav recording.”