To Get Featured in a Listening App, Make It Easy


PodMov Daily: Monday, April 18

Episode 627: Your Monday Mix

To Get Featured in a Listening App, Make It Easy

If your goal is to be featured on a podcast listening app, think of it as a two-way street. Steve Wilson, Chief Strategy Officer at QCODE Media, was with Apple Podcasts for 15 years. On Sounds Profitable, Wilson explains how podcasters can offer platforms a mutually beneficial relationship from the start. 

On social media, Wilson suggests linking to your show on the platform you hope to attract. If a podcaster directs listeners to their website (or uses a neutral CTA) 100% of the time, “there’s really nothing for Apple or iHeart or Spotify to literally retweet. Again, their goal is to grow the audience of the show on that platform.”

Another tip to showcase your value upfront: “Platforms love to get excited about meeting a podcaster who’s already on a mission.” When you present your show, bringing a cohesive ‘co-marketing’ approach that aligns with the platform’s goals will reduce friction and show forethought at the same time.

YouTube's ‘Search Insights' Tool is Almost Here

YouTube’s Search Insights tool will roll out widely by the end of the month, according to Search Engine Land. Previewed in November, the tool lets video publishers research what YouTube users, and their own viewers, are searching for. A YouTube Creator Insider video posted April 12 has the details. 

“The tool shows you data based on searches across all of YouTube, as well as just your viewers’ searches,” reports Danny Goodwin. “There is also a content gap filter, which shows you searches for which searchers were unable to find a video.” The data goes back one month from users in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and India.

Matt Binder of Mashable is surprised by the new feature’s quiet release. “If you produce videos, you don't need us telling you how extremely helpful this data could be. It almost feels like you've been granted access to a YouTube search cheat code. And you might not have even noticed it yet.”

How would an ideal production and monetization platform power your show? Independent podcasters, the next-generation solution is being built with you in mind. It’s a platform with production tools, monetization features, and professional guidance found nowhere else in the industry. 

The goal is to help podcasters level up ― sharpen their skills, grow their audiences, and boost revenue with strategies used by the largest networks. To ensure the best possible product, the team would love your input in a quick 5-minute survey. From monetization to production, your needs will be heard. 

The first 25 qualifying respondents can have an even deeper impact on the platform in beta. This is your chance to join an industry-steering committee and development team for the next generation of podcast tools. To help shape the future, simply share your voice.

Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Brief affair: Facebook is losing interest in podcasts, reports Ashley Carman of Bloomberg. Live Audio Rooms, Soundbites, and podcasts for U.S. users all launched in the last year, but now the company’s podcast-adjacent talks are emphasizing “events in the metaverse and online shopping.”
  • Thoughts count: Through the month of April, Podchaser’s #Reviews4Good event is benefiting World Central Kitchen’s efforts in Ukraine. 25 cents will be donated for every show and episode review left on the platform. When a podcaster replies to a review, Podchaser will double the donation.

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