Google Chrome Adds Live Caption for Audio and Video


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Google Chrome Adds Live Caption for Audio and Video 

Google is expanding Live Captions, its real-time caption feature, to all Chrome users. “Live Captions uses machine learning to spontaneously create captions for videos or audio where none existed before,” writes Ian Carlos Campbell of The Verge. It's a huge win for accessibility and all of podcasting.

When enabled, Live Captions automatically appear in a small, moveable box in the bottom of the browser. The feature works across podcasts and radio, social and video sites, embedded players, and most web-based video or audio chat services. It works offline as well, so locally stored files can be captioned.

Google's product team says in the announcement: if you “are part of the 466 million people in the world who are deaf or hard of hearing, having captions lets you follow along to whatever content you are watching.” Captions are live on Chrome for Linux, Mac, and Windows, and coming soon to Chrome OS.

What Does it Mean to Make a Show, Not a Podcast?

Making a broader ‘show’ is often recommended to podcasters as a growth tool. Author and podcaster Jay Acunzo (Unthinkable) explains what this looks like in practice. The inside is what counts: “A podcast can be many things, since a podcast (like a blog post, a video, a speech, a book) is just a container.”

A show is “an exploration of a focused concept” that resonates strongly with its audience, Acunzo says. “To develop a show, you start by developing IP — the intellectual property, the premise that you intend to explore over time.” A podcast is one piece of that expression, which above all needs a strong identity.

Fully realized IP will make a podcaster stand out from the noise. (“Yet Another Business Success Show is not IP. It’s a commodity.”) If an idea is successful enough to support multiple projects, you’re on the right track. Acunzo breaks down merchandising, IP extensions, and other opportunities to branch out.

BrandStoryCasting: B2B Podcasting Made Simple

Your business has a story to tell. Effective content marketing starts with bringing that story to life. With BrandStoryCasting, all you need for a professional-quality B2B podcast is a computer and microphone. From voiceover to audio editing, expert producers take care of the rest. 

BrandStoryCasting manages every step of creating and distributing your podcast series. Each package includes a prep session, custom intro and outro, music, and a fully guided, private recording session for you and two guests — no technical experience needed.

As you build brand awareness and generate leads, the sound of your message matters. BrandStoryCasting delivers high-quality podcasts you’ll be proud to share with your network and beyond. Not sure if you’re ready to commit to a series? Take a single-episode test drive at a special introductory rate.

Listening is being able to be changed by the other person.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Test signal: Following protests, Spotify has launched a site that presents data on the economics of streaming payouts. “Loud & Clear” is meant to provide transparency demanded by the Union of Musicians and Allied Workers. A Union co-founder says that key issues remain unaddressed.
  • Spring term: The application deadline for the Sundance Co//ab “Creating Your Nonfiction Podcast” has been extended until next Friday, March 26. Audio journalist CC Paschal and Pushkin senior producer Cher Vincent lead the nine-week course, April 13 – June 12. Scholarship available. 
  • Curtain call: Reveal is looking for an associate producer to join its production and editorial team. The Peabody Award-winning investigative journalism program will bring on a candidate with experience producing pledge/fundraising spots. The full-time, salaried position includes benefits.
  • Trophy case: On April 9 at On Air Fest, Terry Gross will be presented with the 2021 Audio Vanguard Award. The renowned interviewer is to be honored as a “creative icon whose work has advanced the culture of audio.” Gross has hosted the Peabody Award-winning Fresh Air since 1975. 

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