Google Podcasts Enables Subscription By RSS Feed


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Google Podcasts Enables Subscription By RSS Feed

Google Podcasts now supports subscribing to podcasts by RSS feed on Android, iOS, and Web. “Add by RSS Feed” is quick, says Abner Li of 9to5Google. “It brings up a simple box to type or paste a URL. You’re taken to the show page afterwards and automatically subscribed. Additions will sync across sign-in devices.”

This capability instantly expands the platform’s user base. As Zack Reneau-Wedeen, the founder and Head of Product for Google Podcasts, announced on Twitter: “This means you can now listen to more podcasts, including premium shows” from Slate, Patreon,, Stratechery, RedCircle, Memberful, and Supercast.

“Since launch, Google Podcasts has only surfaced shows that podcasters submitted for inclusion in its directory. Closely aligned with Search, this strategy made sense,” Li explains. At 50 million installs, competition time is here: “It’s a power feature especially for an app that is otherwise very straightforward and focused.”

Quick Efficiency Tips for Organized Podcasting

After recording over 200 episodes of This Organized Life, Laurie Palau knows a thing or two about efficiency. The author of Hot Mess: A Practical Guide to Getting Organized suggests rethinking your work routine: “How long those tasks take can be up to you, especially if you find yourself repeating steps.”

“I use templates for every part of the episode process, from the guest pitch to show notes and thank-you emails,” Palau says. “The key is to create evergreen foundational pieces that you can easily customize for each guest.” She includes downloadable versions of her templates for guest prep and guest follow-up.

For Palau’s process, an automation platform has made all the difference: “More steps than you’d think can be automated, like booking recording times, gathering important guest information, and sending email reminders to upcoming guests.” She recommends using a free or low-cost option to start out.

Memberful: Smarter Podcast Memberships

For podcasters, a strong community and stronger revenue are the dream. Memberful makes it easier than ever to have both. Used by the web’s biggest creators, Memberful is the convenient, safe, and intuitive way to sell memberships to your audience.

There are no hidden steps with Memberful: Just connect your Stripe account, add your podcast, and your listeners can subscribe immediately. Plus, Memberful integrates seamlessly with your favorite tools and works with your existing podcast hosting, so there's no need to change your workflow.

Your listeners already love your content. With Memberful’s features, like custom branding, gift subscriptions, Apple Pay, and free trials, you have even more tools to keep them tuned in. Ready for deeper connections and revenue to match? Get started for free — no credit card required.

I’m not going to limit myself just because people won’t accept the fact that I can do something else.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Fast times: Anchor powered more than 1 million show launches in 2020, reports Ashley Carman of The Verge. “Spotify says Anchor shows account for more consumption, in terms of time spent listening, than any other third-party podcast hosting or distribution provider on its platform.”
  • Expert advice: Gimlet Academy by Gimlet founder Alex Blumberg is one of two must-have resources for stronger podcasting, says’s Jon Christensen. “By spending 10 hours of learning time, you will avoid potentially hundreds of hours of making a bad podcast that no one hears.”
  • Power surge: Is there still a buzz in your audio despite clean-up tools and troubleshooting? According to sound designer Sarah Buchynski, a power conditioner may be a solution. She explains how to tell if the problem lies in the recording or if it’s gear-related, and how to fix both types of buzz.
  • Sound stage: SeriesFest has added “Next in Queue: A Spotlight on Podcasts” for 2021. The Denver-based non-profit and storytelling festival is seeking original serialized audio stories, presented with a series format deck. Submissions are open, and the early bird deadline is December 18.

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