Guest Feature: How to Cut the BS for Pro Storytelling


PodMov Daily: Friday, March 13

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Guest Feature: How to Cut the BS for Pro Storytelling

The Pro Storytelling Tips series returns this Friday from podcaster and documentary filmmaker Doug Fraser. This piece is about the hardest, most essential steps of editing — honestly, impartially ‘cutting the BS.’ How does a storyteller identify what’s truly worth keeping?

“Don’t let your fondness blind you during the editing phase — playing favorites isn’t welcome here,” Fraser asserts. Faced with dissecting your labor of love, the pre-polishing process is hard, but “the more disciplined we become in this stage, the more quickly we’ll get to a polished draft.”

The article lists 4 questions to keep in mind when on the fence, including “Are you using 20 words when 3 will do?” Cut what doesn’t move your story along from an audience perspective. Above all, Fraser urges podcasters to “Create for expression, edit for impression.”

Australia's Indigenous Voices: The Sound Up Program Returns

Hannah Cross of National Indigenous Times details how “Spotify is placing First Nations voices front and centre as it calls for applications for their Sound Up podcasting accelerator program.” The Australian initiative is in its second year, taking place in Sydney in May.

Tiddas 4 Tiddas creator Marlee Silva and fellow podcast expert Rekha Murthy will lead the course, “teaching ten lucky Indigenous applicants how to plan, create and edit their podcast ideas.” Cross speaks with Rowdie Walden, a participant in the first round in 2018.

Regardless of the eventual outcome, Walden said, “you’re still leaving with all of these amazing skills that you can take back to community or take back for other programs or ideas you might want to do.” All participants are given equipment and software, with three winners receiving production grants.

RAIN Summit and On Air Fest: Blended Audio Perspectives

Both the RAIN Podcast Business Summit and On Air Fest were held last week, representing a Venn diagram of industry perspectives. Identifying their crossovers and diversions, EB Moss calls the two events “a testament to the power of the spoken word to share knowledge and art.”

At the RAIN Summit in Manhattan, “speakers were podcasting notables with more of a business background, including senior sales and research executives.” Podnews editor James Cridland served as presenter, “rallying the suits” with an entertaining demonstration of stats.

Moss found that On Air Fest, held at Brooklyn’s Wythe Hotel, had “a completely different vibe.” Its interactive experiences, “from Audible-sponsored listening booths to multimedia productions to DJed mixers,” complemented the “diversity of storytelling” on display.

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Here's what else is going on:

  • Hammer time: Tristan Pellegrino of the podcast Tech Qualified details lines of questioning that produce impactful podcast interviews. Softballs serve a purpose but “you need to balance them out with some truly hard-hitting questions.”
  • Pod racer: The Star Wars Celebration event, set for August in Anaheim, CA, is “looking for the very best Star Wars podcasters from across the Galaxy.” Applications for a spot on the Podcast Stage can be submitted through April 17.
  • Reload, reload: Digiday’s Lucinda Southern assesses why podcasting has seen a coronavirus-related “mini boom.” An interviewee says we're returning to “trusted long-form sources of information that can be refreshed very quickly.”
  • Flying solo: In Forbes, Carrie Kerpen of All the Social Ladies gathers actionable advice for women looking to start podcasting. Catherine Burns, Artistic Director of The Moth, describes the power of single-narrator audio.

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