Have a Unique Idea: Comedian Nick Turner on Gigs and Podcasting


PodMov Daily: Tuesday, April 7

Episode 179: Testing, One Two-sday

Have a Unique Idea: Comedian Nick Turner on Gigs and Podcasting

Nick Turner, a stand-up comedian of 17 years, is currently the host of two popular podcasts, Get Rich Nick and Deckheads. Author and speaker Jason Hartman speaks with Turner as part of his interview series “5 things you need to know to create a very successful podcast.” Step one: Find podcasts doing the same thing you’re doing, and make something different.

Does your content sound familiar for a reason? “Maybe there’s a better use of your time than starting another one of those podcasts. Find a niche!” Turner says. He explains why one show idea flopped, yet Get Rich Nick has found success in the serious yet often hilarious world of side hustles. (Dog walking gets weird, for real.)

Turner opens up about various side gigs attempts over the years and how he and co-host Nick Vatterott experiment for the show. “I want our podcast to make people’s faces hurt from laughing of course, but I also want people to be educated in a real way,” he says. Why is the concept so binge-listenable? “If we do ever get rich, the whole story will be there in these episodes.”

Give Your Show More Polish: Encouragement from Troy Price

In Podcast Business Journal, Troy Price encourages creators to invest in new efforts during quarantine. Instead of just ramping up the episode count, consider initiatives from guerrilla marketing. Giveaways and virtual happy hours can lead to results and influence that will last far beyond this period of time.

“Let’s face it, you probably have extra equipment or unused devices that would make someone else very happy,” Price points out. Offering freebies can “build amazing good will with our audience one person at a time and after a few of these posts, you should notice a boost in the organic traffic to your feed. ”

Along with affiliate programs and one-time donation asks (After all, “Dan Carlin made the phrase, “A Buck A Show” a part of his regular show closing”) Price emphasizes attention to detail. If you have the minutes to spare, now is the time to freshen, tweak, and reassess: “Work to give your show more polish.”

Happy Tuesday, readers, and here's to podcast maker-focused livestreams. Thanks to Podcast Maker Weekend, Wil Williams, and future livestream friends for keeping us in good spirits and best practices.


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