“Have We Ruined This Thing with Ads Yet?”


PodMov Daily: Monday, February 7

Episode 584: Your Monday Mix

“Have We Ruined This Thing with Ads Yet?”

“Have we ruined this thing with ads yet?” Each year Edison Research checks in with the heaviest podcast listeners — those that clock five or more hours weekly — to find out. Next week, the third annual “Super Listeners” study results will give creators an important peek into what’s working for long-haul fans.

With the CEO of Ad Results Media, Edison Research SVP Tom Webster will take a deep dive into these dedicated listeners’ attitudes. They’ll cover “the quality and quantity of ads, the efficacy of host-read versus pre-produced spots, and the actions Super Listeners tell us they take as a result of hearing podcast advertising.” 

Sharing a few advance insights in his newsletter, Webster encourages all to tune in. Podcasters are wise to be concerned (or at least curious) about how listeners feel around the number of ads, length of ad breaks, and the role of the skip button. The free presentation is next Wednesday, February 16 at 2:00 pm ET.

The “Science Vs” Approach to Misinformation

Science journalist Wendy Zukerman, the host of Gimlet’s Science Vs, chose to handle Spotify’s misinformation issue with a special episode: Fact-checking statements made on The JRE by Robert Malone. In May, we published an interview with Zukerman about her productive, thoughtful approach to conflict.

“I know we've done a good job when we make both sides angry. That's my role,” she said. Zukerman takes audience engagement seriously as a learning tool. Since 2015, she has tackled gun control, psilocybin mushrooms, ghosts, climate change, and several times with guest Dr. Anthony Fauci, covid — all with a dose of humor.

Nominated for Best Host at the 2020 Ambies Awards, Zukerman helps listeners understand complex topics that are often surrounded by misinformation. Hence the title, Science Vs. In drawn-out controversies like this one, it can be easy to overlook the passionate work and positivity behind an ultimatum.

Descript: Shareable Podcast Video, Made Easy

New from Descript, custom short-form video lets you turn your podcast into shareable clips in a few clicks. Instantly transcribe any audio or video, then customize it with photos, waveforms, progress bars, or animated text. It’s fast, easy, and fun to engage your community on any social platform.  

Descript videos aren’t just beautiful and versatile — they’re discoverable. With automatic captions and transcripts, audiences can find your content just by searching. It’s an all-in-one software for repurposing your podcast into marketing magic.

From TikTok videos to full-length audio episodes, editing with Descript is as easy as editing a doc. Ready for the power of a professional studio with none of the grind? Take it for a spin: All new users get three free transcription hours.

In every human society at all times and at all levels, the curious are at the leading edge.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Keep count: A new Podcast Followers tool from Rephonic shows how many subscribers and followers a podcast has in every app. It’s free to see stats for your own show and others’ across various players. Your editor’s favorite, The Memory Palace, is killin’ it on Player FM.
  • Mint condition: Tomorrow at 1:00 CT is “Better Now Than Never: Safeguarding Your Audio Collection.” Audio preservationist Jessica Thompson and The Kitchen Sisters will cover best practices, digitization standards, and resources for podcast producers and small institutions. Free RSVP.
  • Learning curve: Tomorrow at 3:00 pm CT is “How to Produce a Podcast Like the Pros.” Podbean’s live talk with MouthMedia will focus on improving production value, audio quality, and brand message. Attendees can ask questions in real time on YouTube and LinkedIn. Free RSVP.
  • All business: This Wednesday at 4:00 pm ET is “How to Appeal to Advertisers” from Podcasting, Seriously. The organization’s weekly Twitter Spaces talk will feature Shannon Donohue of Ossa Collective, a women’s podcast community and ad booking platform. No account needed.

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