How Can Indie Podcasters Honor Listeners’ Trust?


PodMov Daily: Wednesday, February 17

Episode 373: Your Midweek Update

How Can Indie Podcasters Honor Listeners’ Trust?

Most independent podcasters aren’t part of news outlets. How do they navigate trust and truth without professional backup? Journalist and podcaster Jenna Spinelle speaks with Jack Rhysider (Darknet Diaries) and Beth Silvers (Pantsuit Politics), both of whom provide trusted information on high-stakes topics.

Rhysider discusses the responsibility that comes with millions of listeners. Known for rigorous fact-checking, he says he’s always conscious of the margin of error: “I worry that I’m going to misrepresent something or completely mis-explain concepts. I put so much emphasis on making sure it’s as bulletproof as I can.”

Spinelle points podcasters to “very short and readable” guidance from The Society of Professional Journalists. A main point is “not to misrepresent, oversimplify, or otherwise overpromise a story for the sake of promotion or entertainment,” a sentiment that’s never been so important. Note: Article requires a free signup.

PM Update: PM21 Speaker Portal Opens Today

This week’s update opens the speaker submission portal for PM 2021. Interested in becoming a presenter or moderator this August? Send us your best work for a chance to be heard among the most influential experts, networks, and organizations in the industry.

Proposals are welcome across nine unique topic tracks, four skill levels, and three session types: Breakout Sessions, Fireside Chats, and Panel Discussions. The portal will be open until March 31, and all applicants will be notified of a decision by April 30. 

In other news, Buzzsprout marketing head Alban Brooke will be joining us today at 3:00 pm ET for a talk on hosting, distribution, and promotion. Join the conversation inside Podcast Movement University, or catch the stream within the PM community Facebook group.

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Whether you succeed or not is irrelevant, there is no such thing. Making your unknown known is the important thing.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Complete me: Zencastr’s video feature is now live. Brian Heater of TechCrunch reviews the addition, which had “long been a missing piece of the puzzle.” HD video recording arrives with a $4.6 million seed round as well as Digital Nomad, a podcast about the company’s origins.
  • Terms apply: A well-written podcast business plan is part roadmap, part résumé. Tae Haahr’s guide for The Podcast Host keeps it business casual: “If you’re looking for funding or to build a corporate podcast, don’t skip over the ‘extras for the corporate overlords’ section. You’ll need it.”
  • Micro wave: Paraphrasing comedian Adam Devine, The New York Times recently implied that podcasting is quick ’n easy fun. Avery Trufelman (The Cut) is not pleased that the NYT is “continuing to perpetuate this narrative — even as they very much understand the effort and craft of audio.”
  • Open concept: As vocal and dialect coach Denise Woods tells Lifehacker, pausing for breath can create a “wonderful symbiotic relationship” between speaker and listener. “Just like a composer needs a rest to make the notes important, we need the silence to make the words important.”

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