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PodMov Daily: Friday, February 11

Episode 588: Week Download Complete

How I Built This…Exclusive Amazon Music Deal

NPR’s How I Built This has entered an exclusive licensing deal with Amazon Music. Starting next month, new episodes will be available only on Amazon Music and Wondery+ for a week before wide release. Unlike similar deals with SmartLess and My Favorite Murder, this includes the rights to YouTube distribution “for video simulcasts.” 

NPR will maintain the radio distribution rights and underwriting, though exclusive means exclusive — radio listeners will also have to wait a week for their Guy Raz fix. The show will increase frequency to twice a week, which helps. It still seems like an ideological step backward for NPR's goal of increasing local station audiences.

How to Handle Podcasting Burnout Like a Pro

Toronto-based podcast producer Amanda Cupido is “frequently up until the early hours of the morning writing scripts and editing audio,” and she’s far from alone. In a classic article for Timber, Cupido discussed the struggle of burnout in podcasting — and how to cope — with professionals in the same boat.

“My mind is so warped at the end of the day from listening to podcasts and planning them,” said John Asante, the senior managing producer at Pineapple Street Studios. “I always fear that doing my own podcast would feel like work and not play.” Boundary-setting, like turning off Slack after hours, has become essential.

Of course, not everyone can block notifications or ask for a break. Prioritize your health in any way you can, Cupido says. Passionate podcasters need balance and rest: “Managing burnout is hard, especially when it’s tied to something you love.” Note: Timber for Podcasters requires a free signup for access.

Grow, Monetize, and Stay Independent with RedCircle

RedCircle is a modern podcasting platform for creators of all sizes to grow, monetize and stay independent. Along with hosting and powerful analytics, the RedCircle Ad Platform and Cross-promotion Marketplace make it easy to monetize on your terms. RedCircle also provides options like exclusive content subscription and donation.

On the RedCircle Ad Platform, selling inventory to the right advertisers is faster and easier than ever. A quick setup gives podcasters access to programmatic and host-read options with full control over categories and deals. Dynamic insertion technology keeps the entire catalog fresh, from messaging to revenue. 

The unique cross-promotion feature enables like-minded podcasters to grow their audiences together. RedCircle offers recommendations to help you find the perfect partner and launch campaigns. With RedCircle, podcasters and advertisers are discovering modern monetization and growth. Ready to find your solution?

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Here's what else is going on:

  • Group chat: Matriarch Media’s monthly Women in Podcasting meetup is this Sunday at 10:00 am CT on Twitter Spaces. Founder and CEO Twila Dang invites creators to come ask questions. “Remember, all are welcome but the focus is on helping women in our industry.” No account needed.
  • Punch bowl: Thanks to Jennay Horn of We Edit Podcasts for including the PM Daily among the best podcast newsletters for 2022. “You’re always in for a punchy read,” she says, and we’re here for it. 17 others on the list include headline favorites like Podnews and plenty of recommendation outlets.
  • Practical magic: “Over 37% of podcasters use Zoom to record their interviews,” reports Alban Brooke, Head of Marketing at Buzzsprout. Though it’s not ideal (“Zoom compresses your audio and can make editing a nightmare”) he explains how settings can drastically improve audio quality.
  • Summer plans: Pitches for the International Women’s Podcast Festival will be accepted until this Wednesday, February 16. Hosted in London by Content is Queen, the June 18 event includes sessions, workshops, networking, and live shows. Early bird tickets are £33 (~$45) until February 24.

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