In Podcasting, a Strong Lead Magnet is Golden


PodMov Daily: Friday, July 8

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In Podcasting, a Strong Lead Magnet is Golden

The ‘podcasters need newsletters’ camp has the right idea. To start or build a contact list, creators need to offer listeners something free and valuable in return. For Simplecast, author and podcaster Amanda McCormack explains how to develop an incentive perfectly tailored to your current and potential audience.

A lead magnet must be free and genuinely valuable. You wouldn’t give out your email address without a good reason – your inbox is already packed. It should be a taste of your offerings that still appeals to those who just encountered your work, McCormack says. Hers is a prequel novella that functions as a full story.

Arielle Nissenblatt (EarBuds Podcast Collective) suggests asking your audience via social media about the last thing they Googled in relation to your podcast topic. “Then, build a checklist or thought piece based on their answers — something that you, yourself, would actually want to spend time with, too.”

While your primary lead magnet works for wide appeal, it’s best to target current listeners with something more specific. McCormack says this is the time to put together a bonus content package or a blooper reel of cut segments. Think ‘premium’ but simple. Even offering a shoutout on the show can do the trick.

A word of caution: Email lists are marketing tools, but only tools send constant marketing emails. A lead magnet sets the tone for the podcaster-fan relationship. Those that give their contact information have given you their trust, and nothing is more disappointing than a sales trap disguised as a free lunch.

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We must reject not only the stereotypes that others hold of us, but also the stereotypes that we hold of ourselves.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Portrait mode: “Podcast Cover Art” from The Black Podcasters Association is coming up on July 19. Chatting Over Chowder co-host and cover creator Sharoline Galva will dive into the elements of great visual branding with tips, warnings, and a Q&A. $10 registration for non-BPA members.
  • Double scoop: Anchor podcast fraud appears to be on the rise again, reports Podnews. “A number of high profile podcasts” have discovered pirated copies on the platform. Here's how to report them. On the music side of Spotify, Billboard (paywall) notes the same trend of “hijacking viral hits.”
  • Stage light: “Under-the-Radar Audio Drama Basics” is today at 3:00 pm ET. On Twitter Spaces, producer Newt Schottelkotte will be grilling favorite creators like Bob Raymonda (Windfall) and Tal Minear (Sidequesting) for advice you won’t find in how-to guides. No account required to join.
  • Blank slate: If your guest is a niche expert, “they will need to dilute the information, not just for you, but also for the listeners.” Emma Grazado of NPR Training suggests pretending to know “absolutely nothing” on the topic (within reason) and using analogies to check understanding.

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