How to Build Relationships for Better Podcast Interviews


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How to Build Relationships for Better Podcast Interviews

As a podcast host, how do you start a conversation that you know will be difficult? Anna Sale, host of the Webby Award-winning Death, Sex & Money from WNYC, says that “The foundation of an ethical, descriptive, and successful conversation is the relationship you create with the person you’re interviewing.”

Sale describes nine techniques she’s learned over the years, complete with example clips for each one. She emphasizes that a ‘relationship’ doesn’t mean a friendship. In fact, she admits that some interviewees' viewpoints have repulsed her. These people especially need to know that she's engaged and present.

Of course not every show deals in tough topics. But even comedy hosts can push too far with guests. Take Sale's advice and explain why you did: “When I ask about something private, it’s not just to be provocative, it’s because I want listeners who may have encountered something similar to feel less alone.”

How to Stop Auto Downloads in Apple Podcasts

You may not choose to listen on Apple Podcasts, but it's highly likely that some of your listeners do. Unfortunately the iOS 14.5 update has an automatic download feature that consumes massive amounts of data. Thanks to Apple expert Josh Centers, you'll be able to tell your audience how to prevent this.

This is no minor inconvenience: The app resets your download settings, downloading every episode of every podcast you subscribe to — or that has even a single episode in your library. Centers was initially “aghast” to discover 14.2 GB of munched space. He explains how to shut it down on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

What if episodes, or hundreds of them, have been downloaded already? This was one of the top complaints from users when the app first updated. Centers has a quick fix to delete them in masse. If your listeners have this problem, take the opportunity to eliminate this friction point. They'll thank you.

PodRoom: Chat Rooms for Connection and Podcast Discovery

For creators and listeners, the podcast experience is all about connection. PodRoom integrates full-featured chat rooms and video content within the podcast app, bringing the community together and equipping creators with tools that assist them on their creative journey.

On the Discovery page, podcasters can promote their content by posting 40-second snippets that link interested listeners directly to the full episode. Listeners love PodRoom for more than its user-friendly interface. They can find local content, meet fellow fans, and even support their favorite podcasters with donations.

Ready to be discovered? It’s time to post podcast snippets and publish your video content on Visit @podroompodcast on Twitter and IG and download the app to join over 5,000 global creators and listeners.

They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Triple scoop: Next Tuesday, May 11, is the final entry deadline for the 2021 Third Coast Competition. Podcasters are invited to submit up to five pieces of narrative audio work in any language. Questions? Email the Third Coast team or set up a one-on-one meeting to ask them anything.
  • Prep course: If you're being interviewed, “it's entirely up to you to make it a podcast worth listening to or not,” says Corey Haines. In an outstanding Twitter thread, the marketer and triple-podcast host gives actionable tips to make that happen. Interviewers should take a look as well.
  • Track practice: Personalized podcast ads have become a popular choice, though their efficacy may come with listener privacy tradeoffs. For The Podcast Host, Tanishq Agarwal explains best practices, pricing, and what creators need to know about how platforms collect and store data.
  • Fresh looks: Monday is the last day to submit to Podcasts in Color in order to be featured on the new website at launch. Operated by Berry since 2015, the directory is the leading destination for Black podcasts and podcasts of color. The site with improved UX is set for the end of May.

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