Define (and Refine) Your Podcast with a Show Bible


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PodMov Daily: Monday, February 21

Episode 594: Your Monday Mix

Define (and Refine) Your Podcast with a Show Bible

If only there were a reference manual for your podcast. A ‘show bible’ is just that: designed “to help you conserve brain power, communicate your show’s identity, and refine its style over time.” Documentary podcaster Doug Fraser (What We Do, The Pod Lab) explains how to develop a classic five-part blueprint.

“When stuck or straying from the show’s original intent, the show bible is where you go to refamiliarize yourself with themes, structure, and why the show exists in the first place,” Fraser says. He breaks down the creation process from start to finish, including familiar examples and helpful thought exercises.

A show bible isn’t just for streamlining your progress (though it’s ideal for that, too). “If you’re ever in a position to pitch to a network or a competitive sponsor, most of your prep work will already be finished.” From writing to finding references, time spent here is an investment with unlimited payoff.

Heavy Podcast Listeners Report a Heavy Ad Load

American adults that listen to 5+ hours of podcasts weekly are “engaged more than ever” with podcast ads, according to the latest Super Listeners Study. Edison Research and Ad Results Media presented the third annual report yesterday, and the findings will interest just about every podcaster and brand.

Respondents spend an average of 11.2 hours listening to podcasts weekly, a 1.4-hour increase in two years. It’s true that they’re listening more and generally don’t hate the podcast ad experience. That said, 22% said there are “way too many” ads on podcasts relative to other types of media, up from 18% last year.

A major non-ad stat to note: 19% “say they discover podcasts most often through YouTube, ahead of recommendations from friends and family (17%) and searching the internet (13%).” A full 20% listen on YouTube most often, second only to Spotify at 23%. Despite what we know, those numbers are wild.

Podcastle: Studio-Quality Interviews for Every Creator

Podcastle is an AI-powered, collaborative platform that helps podcasters of all levels create, edit, and distribute studio-quality audio in seconds. Remote interviewing has never been easier: Podcastle records a separate WAV track for each guest, ensuring smooth sound from anywhere.

In just a few clicks, users can edit, enhance, and remove background noise from each track. Podcastle removes production worries, too — automatic backup keeps your files secure and quick to access. For hosts and guests, the interview experience is seamless.

Podcastle has welcomed over 200,000 audio creators in its first year alone, and it’s easy to see why. It’s simply the best way to share conversations with your listeners and the world. Ready to experience interview magic? Get started for free, no credit card required.

Biology gives you a brain. Life turns it into a mind.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Musical chair: This Wednesday evening, Hrishikesh Hirway (Song Exploder) will give a virtual talk about the hit podcast. As host, producer, and editor, he brings iconic songs to life with the artists that made them. 6:00 pm ET. Free registration courtesy of the VPM + ICA Community Media Center.
  • Body electric: Acast México has launched Anatomía del Podcast, a Spanish-language series on podcasting fundamentals. In five episodes, Mauricio Cabrera (The Coffee) and Diana Martinez (Un Café con Diana) equip new creators with technical tips, tools, and strategies to break into the industry.
  • Deep dive: Ossa Production Camp, a new branded podcast workshop from the women’s podcast network Ossa Collective, will accept applications until February 28. Matty Staudt (Amaze Media Labs) will lead the intensive program in Santa Monica, CA on March 21-22, just before Evolutions. 

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