How to Expand Podcasting’s Scope, YouTube Style


PodMov Daily: Wednesday, December 1

Episode 546: Your Midweek Update

How to Expand Podcasting’s Scope, YouTube Style

“There’s a great opportunity for podcasts to expand the scope of what they’re doing, to make better use of the platforms at their disposal,” says audio writer Matt Deegan. Creators can learn a thing or two from MrBeast, a YouTuber known for “spending huge amounts of cash (and effort) on his videos.” 

The 23-year-old MrBeast recently spent $3.5 million on one 25-minute video — a real-life (violence-free) version of Netflix’s “Squid Game.” In one week, it’s racked up over 127 million views. Why? For Deegan, it comes down to the way a creator understands how their audience wants to consume of-the-moment content.

The podcast A Gay and a NonGay does a terrific job with this task. The hosts of the UK’s top LGBTQ+ show have built “mini media brand” complete with a new 40-minute documentary. Existing platforms allow podcasters to branch out more, Deegan says. We just need to trust listeners’ attention spans.

A Quick Look at Podimo, the Latest $100M Podcast App

The Copenhagen-based podcast app Podimo has attracted attention for its $78 million Series B funding round, announced last week. Ashley Carman of Hot Pod spoke with Podimo’s CEO and founder, Morten Strunge, about the company’s recent cash infusion and when it might (will) launch in the United States.

Launched in 2019, Podimo is built around subscriptions and has over 950 exclusives. Users pay a set monthly rate for unlimited streaming, and creators are paid based on the popularity of their content. Most shows are in Spanish, Danish, Norwegian, and German, with translations from English-language studios like Wondery.

“What’s been important for us is to show that this is not a niche thing, but it’s actually a mass market thing, something that millions of people would subscribe to in a market like Germany and not thousands of people,” Strunge said. In Denmark, population 6 million, Podimo has 100,000 paying subscribers.

Pod People: Better Podcasts Start with the Perfect Team 

When audio projects meet the right professionals, it’s magic. Pod People’s Matchmaking services offer white-glove staffing for contract-to-hire roles across the industry. With a global community of nearly 2,000 creators, finding ideal candidates is simple, fast, and reliable.

Pod People specializes in sourcing the best Producers, Journalists, Editors, Engineers, Sound Designers, and more across the audio industry. Each step of the process ensures a perfect fit, starting with a curated shortlist of candidates for each role.

For audio professionals, Pod People’s free community is a world of opportunity. Perks include resources, events, mentorship, networking — and the ears of companies like Spotify, Netflix, and Wondery. Ready to meet your match? Whether you’re looking to hire or be hired, better partnerships start here.

Don't be seduced into thinking that that which does not make a profit is without value.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Ahoy there: Tomorrow at 8:00 am CT/2:00 pm GMT, Edison Research will present the inaugural Infinite Dial UK. We’ll see “the first true apples-to-Apple comparison of the US and UK podcasting markets,” covering habits for streaming audio, radio, and even social media. Free registration. 
  • Outer spaces: Tomorrow at 6:00 pm ET is “Making Room for Podcast Diversity,” part of the free Charlotte Podcast Festival. Three co-hosts (a lawyer, a doctor, and a creative entrepreneur) will share how they engage with ideal guests to accelerate community change. RSVP required.
  • Hats encouraged: Podcast Movement’s Holiday Happy Hour is Wednesday, December 8 at 5:00 pm ET. All are welcome to grab a drink and virtually mix and mingle with podcasters all over the world. In other news, this newsletter’s RØDE referral contest runs through December 10! Details here.

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