How to Make Evergreen Episodes Topical with Dynamic Insertion


PodMov Daily: Friday, April 3

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How to Make Evergreen Episodes Topical with Dynamic Insertion

As a single, urgent event dominates the media, Dan Misener of Pacific Content observes “an inherent tension at play here: evergreen vs. topical.” Many podcasts aim to share “stories that will be relevant and valuable today, next month…and next year,” but avoiding the virus altogether may be tricky.

“Here’s the good news: it’s not an either/or decision.” Misener explains that “ads are simply one type of audio that DAI tools can insert.” With dynamic ad insertion, the same technology that updates existing episodes with fresh ad campaigns, “your show can be both timely and timeless.”

Illustrating the point, Misener uses Simplecast's dynamic audio capabilities to modify the messaging of Choiceology with Katy Milkman. Each new episode of the “pretty evergreen” podcast will now include a topical pre-roll message. Bottom line: “Don’t let the ‘A' in DAI limit your creativity.”

Sound Ideas, Sound Decisions: Radio's Changing Priorities

In an article for Radio World, Rosie Smith explores how emerging trends in equipment and tastes have impacted the industry. The communications manager for Radiodays Europe is quick to point out two areas that need improvement: voice control functionality and diversity of perspectives.

“With the rise of the smart speaker the future is most surely voice-controlled,” Smith writes. “Can listeners find you?” Unless you’re a major platform, probably not. She recalls a classic BBC Scotland comedy sketch about the Glasgow accent versus a voice-controlled elevator. (Contains adult language.)

Listener preferences are changing in terms of content creators as well, which “needs to be tackled head on in all countries.” As younger audiences have access to more representational choices than ever before, podcasts have built a “multisound world that should be the goal of all stations.”

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Here's what else is going on:

  • Building code: A Medium post by Kerri Hoffman describes how the pandemic may present “opportunities to restructure public media to better address the needs of our public.” The PRX CEO celebrates how radio has persevered despite “incredible strain.”
  • Locals only: A new ‘All-Australian Top 100’ category has been added to the Australian Podcast Ranker, reports B&T Magazine. “A way to further highlight locally-created content,” the new list will be posted on an ongoing basis alongside the full Top 100.
  • Rolling tape: Actor Dennis Quaid announced via Billboard that his new podcast “will be available only on cassette.” The format was an April Fools' joke, but The Dennissance is real and set to launch next week. Quaid recommends listening on a Sony Walkman.
  • Fresh produce: Apple has released a dedicated Apple Podcasts channel for virus-related coverage, writes Bradley Chambers of 9to5Mac. Content includes news, scientific and economic analysis, international updates, and mental health resources.

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