In-App Podcast Subscriptions Come With Hidden Costs


PodMov Daily: Tuesday, May 18

Episode 431: Testing, One Two-sday

In-App Podcast Subscriptions Come With Hidden Costs

With subscriptions, Apple Podcasts and Spotify are “(finally) offering a viable and (mostly) built-in monetization path,” says Sounds Profitable editor Bryan Barletta. But “there are a lot of little details I want you to understand before you take the plunge and start building subscription offerings in these platforms.”

If download numbers are the most important factor in how you present your show’s popularity, Barletta recommends holding out. Both options leave you “blending your primary feed and your subscription feed IAB-certified download numbers from two separate sources,” making it tough to provide a clear, trusted picture.

The splintering of touchpoints and measurement across platforms comes with significant risk. “If you’re going to try this, you need to buy in to subscriptions completely,” Barletta advises. “You should have your own solution that you push people towards, especially if you offer more than just podcast content.”

The Ambies: One More Reason to Support the Winners

First off, congratulations to the winners and nominees of the inaugural Ambies Awards, held on Sunday for an audience of about 25,000. We recommend checking out the results on this Podchaser list, courtesy of Evo Terra. Unlike official announcements, it includes direct links to listen to each show.

Terra makes an interesting point about the reach of podcasting awards in comparison to those honoring film, television, and music: “While you and I likely know about the shows and the production houses that helped make them, I don’t think the average weekly podcast listener would say the same.”

How should we go about increasing recognition outside the bubble? He thinks that “we need to do our part in talking up award-winning podcasts to people outside of podcasting.” That means sharing the best-sounding shows, which are likely to be from major studios. After all, a rising tide lifts all boats.

Audry: Where Podcasters Collaborate and Grow

Whether you’ve been podcasting for days or years, collaboration is the key to growing your audience. Audry is a platform where you’ll find and connect with like-minded creators. Every day, large and niche podcasters are swapping ideas and organizing cross-promotions to reach their full potential.

A fast, free sign-up is all you need to start browsing the community. Filter over 12,000 profiles by category or activity, or search directly to find potential partners. You’ll even see details like listeners per episode. Organizing a collaboration or booking a guest spot is one conversation away.

In just one year, Audry has grown into a diverse community that listens, learns, and grows together. Ready to own your success story? Audry works with any hosting provider and is 100% free. Just enter your Apple Podcasts URL and explore the possibilities.

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Here's what else is going on:

  • Country club: Today at 2:00 ET, Edison Research SVP Tom Webster will present “Clubhouse Users in America.” New data explains who’s on the app today and what sets their media habits apart. Good timing: Around Sunday, Clubhouse for Android will be expanding worldwide. 
  • Triple scoop: Today at 11:59 pm CT is the final entry deadline for the 2021 Third Coast Competition. Podcasters are invited to submit up to five pieces of narrative work “made with passion, intention + risk-taking. Basically: show us what YOUR sound is all about.”
  • Speak up: Matriarch Digital Media is collecting data about BIPOC women podcasters through an online survey, primarily focused on representation. Completed responses will be entered into one of three random drawings for a $50 cash prize, to be held on May 21, May 28 and June 4.
  • Global sound: On June 7, Podcast Day returns virtually as Podcast Day 24. The 24-hour live event is presented by Radiodays Europe, The British Podcast Awards, and the Australian Podcast Awards. Check out speakers and register for £75+VAT with code PODMOVE21 until June 1.

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