In the Dark: The Peabody-Winning Podcast Fighting Legal Injustice


PodMov Daily: Thursday, September 10

Episode 282: Your Thursday Podthoughts

In the Dark: The Peabody-Winning Podcast Fighting Legal Injustice

After nearly 23 years of incarceration, six trials, and four death sentences, Curtis Flowers is free. Madeleine Baran, the host of In the Dark, provided the evidence that led the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn Flowers' murder conviction in June. On Friday, the Mississippi Attorney General’s Office dropped charges.

Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl of Mpls.St.Paul Magazine spoke with Baran and the team behind the Peabody-winning podcast. Baran may be the most important Minnesota journalist of our time, Grumdahl reflects. Her investigative reporting has “exposed tens of millions of us to a fog of racial bias in the legal system like a suffocating cloud.”

“A story for us has to be something that, in depth, illuminates something important in the middle of our public conversation,” Baran says. With the support of APM Reports, In the Dark is challenging assumptions about incarceration and the American justice system. As 70 million downloads show, we're listening.

NPR's Consider This Has Become the First Localized News Podcast

NPR’s Consider This has become the very first localized daily news podcast. NPR and a group of 12 public radio stations made the announcement yesterday at the IAB Upfront. Listeners in or near ten regions will now get both national news and local reporting in each episode. It has been NPR's fastest growing podcast to date.

Consider This is now a collaborative podcast that will know where users are and deliver them the news of the day from their community and beyond,” said NPR's Neal Carruth. “It demonstrates what only the public radio network has the ability to do.” On non-NPR platforms, localization kicks in when an episode is downloaded or played.

Launched in March as a coronavirus series, the show has expanded its mission to “help you consider the major stories of the day in less than 15 minutes.” If you’re in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Portland, OR, the future is now.

Claritas: One Email Campaign, $82 Million In New Sales

Your best customer prospects use email daily. Claritas can help you reach them with acquisition email campaigns that make an impact. There’s a misconception that these campaigns are time-consuming and often get marked as spam. With Claritas, the reality couldn’t be more different.

Acquisition email campaigns can be quick, easy and remarkably profitable. When you partner with Claritas, you’re leveraging an industry-leading database of over 125 million active email addresses. Using your current database? Claritas can ensure your files are clean, up-to-date, and privacy-compliant.

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I believe great people do things before they are ready.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Speak truth: Stitcher has launched More Sauce, a new podcast network “created to empower Black voices to be completely authentic and unapologetic in their storytelling.” More Sauce is home to the mental health series Imani State of Mind and a slate of new shows.
  • Five stars: Based on rankings from Spotify Lite, it's been a strong year for Indonesian podcasts. On the anniversary of the pared-down global app, Indonesia claims four of the top five shows. (Spotify says three, but The Jakarta Post counts Kajian Hanan Attaki as well.)
  • Hot take: Podnews reports Podtrac's findings for the month of August. “Based on 1.5 billion US downloads from participating publishers […] Apple has 61.1% of all podcast downloads; but when measured by total audience, Spotify is closing in on Apple in the country.”
  • Just friends: Oprah’s Book Club appears to be the first podcast to cross over from Apple TV+ content. Sarah Perez of TechCrunch points out a caveat: Because Apple Books is the producing partner, “this one may not ‘officially’ count as the first Apple TV+ companion series.”

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