In This Podcast Anatomy Lesson, The Truth Comes First


PodMov Daily: Friday, October 9

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In This Podcast Anatomy Lesson, The Truth Comes First

Nick Hilton wants the details: “In the years I’ve spent working professionally in the podcast industry, I’ve consistently wished that more people wrote/spoke on the behind-the-scenes grind that is making a podcast.” One of the UK’s top current affairs podcast producers, Hilton gives an anatomy lesson worth studying.

This summer, Hilton wrote, produced, and launched his first documentary podcast. The critically acclaimed history series The Town That Didn’t Stare stemmed in part from an “increasing desire to test the hypothesis that documentary podcasting doesn’t need to be the domain solely of big broadcasters and publishers.”

From the first interview (with an archaeologist who unearthed the earliest human remains in Britain) to press and equipment, Hilton shows why “it’s time to gut that amphibian.” Be realistic, he says, but “don’t stifle your dreams just because you can’t afford the same depth of production as major broadcast rivals.”

The Business Intelligence Gap in Podcast Advertising

Krystina Rubino and Grant Durando of TechCrunch have a question for podcast advertising: “So how do we grow from the industry feeling like a secret game-changing channel for a select few brands, to widespread adoption across categories and industries?” They analyze how and why podcasts are a bit behind.

This article is the first in a two-part feature on the business intelligence gap. Here, the authors mainly focus on the challenges of decentralized ad data in the podcast space. They consulted executives from Wonder Media Network, Acast, Podsights, Babbel, and Chartable on their individual problems and solutions.

While podcasts are no social media, there’s massive money being made. Rubino and Durando demonstrate how the big picture has improved: “While not perfect, there are sufficient resources to at least see the tip of the industry iceberg as a consideration point to your business decision to enter podcasts or not.”

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Wisdom is the reward you get for a lifetime of listening when you would have rather talked.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Alarm clock: A tool called the Podcast Calculator helps find out ‘how long it would take to learn something new about the world, history, or yourself’ by filling dead time with podcasts. The A.V. Club says it lends potential to “the void where our attention span used to be.”
  • Be known: Spotify has been granted a US patent for personality tracking tech, according to MBW. Details will be used to promote audio. “It may well prove to be transformational for the platform ― but it’s also, and there’s really no other way to put this, really quite creepy.”
  • Radio waves: Tobi Kyeremateng explores the modern history of black audio in the UK. “The podcasting space is overflowing with an array of voices,” she writes in The Independent. “Black communities across the UK are once again pioneering a new age of audio innovation.”
  • Meeting room: Buzzsprout offers strategies to help podcasters find, contact, and book quality guests. A tip from Tim Ferriss’ toolkit: “When he meets somebody interesting, he'll often finish the conversation by asking, ‘Is there anyone here that you think I should talk to?’”

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