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    PodMov Daily: Tuesday, November 24

    Episode 326: Testing, One Two-sday

    Editor’s note: The Daily is on pause this week for the holiday. Regular issues will return next Tuesday, December 1. Stay safe and be excellent to each other. See you soon!

    Indie Podcasters Make the Case for Listener Support

    Australian independent podcasters Andrew Law and Dan Ilic won’t be calling sponsors anytime soon. Cam Wilson of Business Insider Australia spoke with both creators about their success with listener subscriptions. Engaged through Patreon, Discord, and exclusive Q&As, fans have been more than willing to cover the bill.

    Law’s show Boonta Vista, which spans from politics to Bigfoot, is supported entirely by 1,200 people paying a monthly average of $4.81 USD. He’s found that simple works best. “Now we just do a free episode and a subscriber episode every week […] Most people looked at this and said yes, they were happy to pay $5 a month.”

    For Ilic’s comedy show A Rational Fear, Discord is the a social hub that sustains it all. “It’s a thriving little place with Patreon supporters suggesting who we could talk to, suggestions for joke headlines, a whole channel for sketch idea[s],” he says. “It’s not just Patreon people, we’ve got some comedy riff raff in there too.”

    Master Storyteller Shannon Cason Goes Deeper

    Jesse Staniforth of profiles Shannon Cason, the renowned storyteller behind Homemade Stories since 2009. Cason is a favorite on Snap Judgment, The Moth (a Moth GrandSLAM Champion), and the Podcast Movement stage. His body of work asks, “If we tell a story, why not really be honest in the story?”

    No human experience is insignificant to Cason. Digging into the emotion of strangers, like “the guys at White Castle talking about one of their friends dying — those days stand out,” he says. “‘Cause I think we all stand to the side and watch or listen from afar. I want those things to resonate with people in a way where I feel that too.”

    Despite its conversational delivery, “Homemade Stories offers the easy narrative glide of a fast-paced crime novel,” Staniforth writes. Shannon captivates listeners by having nothing to hide. “What if we could go a little deeper?” he asks. “What if I tell a story and I don’t want you to like me at the end? That’s honesty.”

    Wildcast: A Truly Collaborative Podcast Platform

    Wildcast is a podcast platform solving collaboration on the great frontier. Podcasters, guests, and networks thrive on connections, and Wildcast streamlines every step. Planning, booking, and execution just got easier — whether you’re looking for the perfect ad trade or your next guest spot.

    Wildcast’s patent-pending networking and productivity platform is your opportunity to create outstanding podcast content and promote your show or message. Users can explore, search, and filter profiles to add ideal connections. When finding each other is simple, great content comes naturally.

    In this collaborative camp, it’s easy to share ideas and make sparks fly. Communicate through simple, secure messaging (bye, cluttered emails) and schedule projects with your customized calendar. The podcast industry is full of partnerships waiting to happen. Ready to tell better stories together?

    The power of finding beauty in the humblest things makes the home happy and life lovely.

    Here's what else is going on:

    • Leap year: Google Podcasts has reached 50 million downloads on Android, “so someone is clearly using it,” figures Manuel Vonau. The stat may seem unimpressive, but the app only became a viable product (i.e., automatic downloads, a queue, and a functional interface) over the last year. 
    • Obstacle course: Spotify’s market-domination strategy is causing serious damage, says Darknet Diaries creator Jack Rhysider. “Spotify, every time you buy the exclusive distribution rights to a podcast and make it available only on Spotify, the world hates you a little more. Please stop it.”
    • Wrap sheet: Brian Heater’s gift guide for podcasters is a bit different this year. For “around 400 or so episodes” of his show RiYL, the TechCrunch hardware editor held in-person interviews. Embracing the pivot to video and remote recording, 2020’s list has a ring light and webcam.
    • Every voice: Submissions are open for the 2021 HearSay International Audio Arts Festival awards. Since 2014, the Kilfinane, Ireland-based event has honored creative audio of all disciplines. Pieces in languages other than English are encouraged. The final deadline to submit is January 21.

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