Integrated Content: Authenticity as Currency in Radio


PodMov Daily: Wednesday, April 8

Episode 180: Your Midweek Update

Integrated Content: Authenticity as Currency in Radio

Broadcasting industry veteran Jon Savage is a co-developer of inBroadcast, a division of South African marketing agency HaveYouHeard. For Bizcommunity’s April feature on radio and podcasting, Juanita Pienaar spoke with Savage about the staying power of radio as a mass medium.

Savage thinks of services like Netflix and Spotify as ‘neutral emotive entertainers’ that “quench a different thirst that is unique to radio and content.” The familiarity of radio “requires more care and better insights because you are able to get right up close to your customers and build affinity in an organic way.”

That organic feel could be refined across South Africa’s airwaves, where “big personality radio DJs” still dominate. The “ability to be vulnerable and yourself while you are on-air” is a meaningful trend, Savage says. “We throw this word ‘authenticity’ around but that is essentially currency in the new world.”

PM Community Recap: Survey and a Little Help from Friends

This week’s update features a list of online ‘side hustle’ opportunities for podcasters needing extra income. From tutoring to transcription, the community-curated suggestions also include financial resources unrelated to podcasting.

As you may have heard, the PM team is working on something new. Want to help build it? Share your feedback using this survey. You’ll be among the first to know what’s on the horizon and the first to try it out.

In other news, the contingency promo for PM20 will be available for one more week. If you’re interested in attending this August but unsure about ticketing, email to secure the lowest rate with a $100 deposit.

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Fame is a four-letter word; and like ‘tape’ or ‘zoom’ or ‘face’ or ‘pain’ or ‘life’ or ‘love,’ what ultimately matters is what we do with it.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Heavy rotation: A new podcast player, Cosmicast, “brings back the skeuomorphic design of iOS.” Guilherme Rambo of 9to5Mac reviews the aesthetically distinctive app, which, when a podcast is playing, shows a turntable and spinning vinyl record with the show's artwork.
  • Small victories: Shows on the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) Podcast Playlist continue to adapt and have even “expanded to create completely new shows.” Tahiat Mahboob shares creative solutions from hosts of popular shows like Thirst Aid Kit and Criminal.
  • Moveable feast: After creating more than 200 episodes of her restaurant business podcast All in the Industry, Shari Bayer used her platform to put on a 300-guest conference in New York. Rayna Katz of BizBash goes behind the scenes of the event's planning and promotion.
  • Two step: 5.1 million Saudi Arabians listen to podcasts regularly, according to research from the broadcast PR agency markettiers MENA. Findings suggest that “almost twice as many women (21%) define themselves as regular podcast listeners compared to 11% of men.”

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