It’s Here! Podcast Movement Virtual Begins Today


PodMov Daily: Monday, October 19

Episode 309: Your Monday Mix

It's Here! Podcast Movement Virtual Begins Today

The world’s largest virtual podcast conference kicks off this fine Monday. Now’s the time to get acquainted with the ‘venue,’ start making your custom schedule for the week, and plan those meetings. New Podcaster Bootcamp is this afternoon, followed by Spreaker’s Trivia and Networking Party in the evening.

Tomorrow, the first full conference day begins with back-to-back keynotes. The schedule is packed with expert education to discover, like “How to make your advertisers happy (from pitch to invoice).” Lex Friedman and Korri Kolesa of ART19 will dig into pitching advertisers, winning business, strong campaigns, and more.

With nearly 30 sessions set for Tuesday, there’s truly something for everyone. We’re looking forward to “Inclusivity In Podcasting: The Rise of Diverse Voices in 2020,” a panel featuring Morgan Givens of Flyest Fables. Grab your best headphones and stay tuned for previews of each of the four main conference days.

What Goes Into a Starter Podcast Sponsorship Package?

Audio editor and podcaster Victoria Fraser explains an important step for indie creators interested in ads. “A sponsorship package is basically a list of products with different price levels that you send to someone who wants their brand mentioned on your show.” In most cases, it’s also a first impression.

Fraser breaks down the elements of an effective one-sheet that will “help you sound professional and land a great sponsor for a fair price.” Will you set rates based on action or downloads? How many ads should run in each episode? Be clear on your goals before approaching potential partners.

A package can show both information and personality. “Humour goes a long way!” Fraser says, especially for small podcasts. “If you have a show about beer, then you could use terminology from that niche to label each one. For example, maybe you’ll name the lowest tier a Flight and the highest tier a Keg.”

The Hot 50 Countdown: A New Podcast from Podcast Magazine

Now available on all major podcast platforms, The Hot 50 Countdown is a brand new podcast from Podcast Magazine. Each month, Podcast Magazine's own Rob Actis counts down the Top 50 podcasts in the land as determined by podcast fans. 

Rob takes listeners “beyond the microphone” for in-depth discussions with leading podcasters, and dives deeper into the stories podcast listeners can't get enough of. Familiar with American Top 40 ? You’ll love this new show.

Will your favorite podcasts be featured? They can. Vote at to make your voice heard. Grab a free, lifetime subscription to Podcast Magazine, and listen to The Hot 50 Countdown wherever you get your podcasts.

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Spin cycle: “The latest innovation from Anchor has given us this remarkable new format: radio,” observes Edison Research VP Tom Webster. ‘Shows with Music’ may provide a home for unmoored DJs, clearing the way for “personality-driven music radio” to return full-circle.
  • Right angle: Kristen Kidd of Discover Pods breaks down branded podcasts. “Does transparency about a brand objective make the information in the podcast any less valuable?” Ben & Jerry’s Who We Are, about systemic racism in America, redefines the branded genre’s scope.
  • In hindsight: For podcaster Derek Oxley, finding a niche market was tough but meaningful. “I didn’t want to become known as the black podcaster who was talking about running and sneakers,” writes the creator of Behind The Wheel. “I wanted my work to speak for itself.” 
  • First gear: Andrew Marino, audio engineer and producer at The Verge, crafts The Vergecast from start to finish. He reveals the equipment setup behind the tech site’s flagship podcast: Microphone, audio interface, editing software, plug-ins, and distribution platform.

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