YouTube Podcast Lead Kai Chuk to Speak at Evolutions


PodMov Daily: Wednesday, March 9

Episode 604: Your Midweek Update

YouTube Podcast Lead Kai Chuk to Speak at Evolutions

Kai Chuk, YouTube’s Director of Podcasting and Next Gen Media Partnerships, will be speaking at Podcast Movement Evolutions. This will be the first public presentation from Chuk since starting his current position last fall. On the Creator track of the event, this exciting session will be accessible to all attendees.

YouTube’s moves into podcasting have been high on the industry’s radar. Most recently, reported by Ashley Carman of Bloomberg, the company plans to offer podcasters large grants to make video content. Its power as a discovery engine is second to none, and 20% of the heaviest podcast consumers listen there most often. 

Chuk has been with YouTube for over 10 years and is the company’s first executive focused on podcasts. Podcast Movement is thrilled to welcome him to the stage. Conversations like this are what Evolutions is all about – first looks and deep dives into our evolving landscape. Join us Friday, March 25 at 12:00 PT.

Women and NB Voices are Building the Industry. Listen.

Sounds Profitable has released its second annual celebration of women in podcasting, and it should be on the entire industry’s reading list. Building on Twila Dang’s writing from last year, “We Need More Women Working in Adtech,” this edition gathers unfiltered advice and observations from those building our industry.

“Folks working across creative, production, editorial, product, tech, marketing, and sales have swooped in — like the big sisters you wish you had — with advice on how to get confident, get heard, get credited, and get paid in podcasting.” It’s an anti-gatekeeping power piece that needs to be understood and shared beyond our circles.

Thanks to guest authors Caila Litman and Shreya Sharma, guest editor Mignon Fogarty, and Sounds Profitable editor Bryan Barletta for making this happen. As a woman, your editor knows the impact of what they’ve made. Women’s History Month is not just about celebrating us. It’s about listening to us with intention. HD Audio and Video Recording, Made Easy is an ultra high-quality recording solution for both audio and video. Separate tracks for each guest are recorded locally, making them look and sound like they’re right in your studio. In uncompressed WAV audio and up to 4k video, every detail is clear and perfectly in-sync. 

70,000 users — including Guy Raz, Gary Vee, and The New York Times — trust Riverside to deliver outstanding results. Local recording eliminates choppiness and delays, so every take is a breeze to edit. Plus, automatic backup and progressive uploading keep your files secure and quick to access.

Ready to make studio-quality podcasts without the hassle? Riverside is packed with powerful features like multi-platform live streaming, screen sharing, video call-in, and more. Create an account for 60 minutes of free recording, no credit card needed.

The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Expert answers: On March 23, VCU will host an Audio Mixing Q&A with Rob Byers. The podcast engineer (Criminal, All Things Considered, Morning Edition) is an acclaimed educator of creators at all levels. 6:00 pm ET. Free registration courtesy of the VPM + ICA Community Media Center.
  • Go steady: Luminary’s new CEO Rishi Malhotra says that “the model is working from a revenue basis” and that subscribers are growing. Jacob Kastrenakes of Hot Pod observes that production has been quite irregular for the paid service: “It’s hard to find any shows that have updated recently.”
  • Field goals: iHeart’s new Talkback feature has a fan in sports radio host Brandon Kravitz (In the Zone). “Same zest and zeal of a live call-in without any of the negatives,” he says, explaining how his show uses on-the-fly listener recordings. Though he works for iHeart, the love is real in this review.

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