Kim Chakanetsa: The Strength and Future of African Podcasting


PodMov Daily: Wednesday, July 29

Episode 252: Your Midweek Update

Kim Chakanetsa: The Strength and Future of African Podcasting

Kim Chakanetsa, a Zimbabwean journalist working for the BBC, is closely in-tune with Africa’s podcast world. She is the host of the organization’s first Africa podcast, The Comb, and currently presents The Conversation on the BBC World Service. In Mail & Guardian, Chakanetsa gives valuable perspective on the moment.

“For me, making the transition from avid podcast listener to podcast maker has highlighted some of the complexities and opportunities in the African podcast market,” Chakanetsa writes. Experts including Paula Rogo, the co-founder of Africa Podfest and Kali Media, discuss a thriving industry despite obstacles to discovery.

Chakanetsa sees a bright future. “On a continent like Africa, with a rich tradition of oral storytelling, a multitude of gifted orators, and an infinite number of stories to tell, the potential for podcasts is enormous.” The article’s contributors recommend 9, including the true-crime Alibi and entrepreneurial show Mashstartup.

Weekly Recap: PM Virtual Speaker Submissions Open

This week’s community update opens the speaker submission portal for PM Virtual this October. This is your chance to make your voice heard at the world's largest ever virtual podcasting event. Choose from three stages geared toward different concentrations and levels: Creator, Pro Podcaster, and Industry. Submissions close on August 19.

Connect with creators, industry professionals, and other community members for free with Podcast Movement's free offerings. Check out timely discussion and virtual events inside PM University, or join the 28-Day Launch Your Podcast Challenge to start strong. Joining is just a step away — we're bringing the education and engagement to you.

Earn and Learn with Supercast’s Paid to Podcast Competition

Adding a paid membership to your podcast is simply the easiest way to unlock sustainable, recurring revenue. Supercast’s Paid to Podcast Competition is awarding over $100,000 in cash and prizes to prove it. 

Running through December 31, it’s a race to generate the highest Monthly Recurring Revenue with Supercast’s subscription-based model. Each participant receives a package valued at over $500, including discount codes, months of free hosting, and a chance at an investment offer from Tiny Capital.

With regular AMAs from experts like Jessica Cordova Kramer and Matty Staudt, Paid to Podcast is more than a challenge. It’s an opportunity to learn from world-class mentors, connect more deeply with listeners and build your own sustainable podcast business.

Curious about the Grand Prize? (Hint: It starts with $40,000 in cash and lunch with Pat Flynn in San Diego.) Register by October 31 to get started.

There is no passion to be found in playing small — in settling for a life that is less than you are capable of living.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Climb high: The RAIN Global Podcast Leadership Summit is today from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm CDT. The free virtual event dives into the podcasting's business side. Sessions include “Podcast Delivery: A Changing Infrastructure” with panelists from ART19 and Targetspot.
  • Hot headline: The Society of Professional Journalists has updated its excellent list of podcasting resources. Creators of all genres will find useful tools, platforms, software, equipment, and even a professionally developed “Podcasting Legal Guide: Rules for the Revolution.”
  • It follows: Chartable is rolling out SmartPromos, a feature in beta that traces listener action from hearing an ad for a podcast, to downloading the advertised show. Its direct podcast-to-podcast attribution measures both baked-in and dynamically inserted ads.
  • Bubble wand: The LA-based comedy podcast network Headgum has raised $2 million in funding. In Hot Pod, Nicholas Quah details the company’s “first investment raise ever,” which follows the launch of its host read-focused ad marketplace, Gumball, and Headgum Studios.

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