Larry Roberts on Post-Event “Comparanoia” in Podcasting


PodMov Daily: Tuesday, March 17

Episode 164: Testing, One Two-sday

Larry Roberts on Post-Event “Comparanoia” in Podcasting

In Podcast Business Journal, Larry Roberts discusses the phenomenon of “Comparanoia” among podcasters. Roberts, the host of the Readily Random Podcast, explains how feelings of insecurity “gain a foothold and begin influencing our feelings towards” our work.

A portmanteau of “comparison” with “paranoia,” the term was coined by author and speaker Davide Di Giorgio. Especially if you’ve been to a podcasting event, Roberts writes, it “may not be a word that you are familiar with but it is most likely a feeling that you can relate to.”

From experience, Roberts has found that self-reflection helps with perceptions of inadequacy. “Comparisons cause us to focus on the wrong person, and as long as we are focused on the wrong person, we are taking time away from our own creative process.”

Amplify Your Reach: Sean Howard on Effective Cross-Promotion

Continuing a Podnews exclusive series, Sean Howard of Fable and Folly Productions focuses on amplifying reach via cross-promotion. Howard shares findings from recent experimentation, explaining that “this is about leveraging our shared reach as podcasts for mutual benefit.”

The producer and co-director of Alba Salix, Royal Physician, Howard wears many hats in the independent podcasting world. He explains the form and function of promo ad swaps, episode drops and crossovers. The research is supplemented with insights from avid podcasters including Philip Thorne of The Amelia Project.

The article is packed with visual aids and links to “brilliant examples.” Learn how some cross-promotion can “be done entirely in trade with little or no money changing hands,” and why episode drops and crossovers have much higher potential ROI than you may think.

Soundtrap for Education Launches K-12 Discussion Podcast Series

Education Today, a new podcast series from Soundtrap for Education, “will surface the key trends and topics influencing K-12 education.” Soundtrap, a part of Spotify, is an online audio recording studio designed for collaboration among students and teachers.

“Our goal for Education Today is to push the conversation forward,” said Matteo Ottaviani, Head of Soundtrap for Education. For the entire community, it’s “an opportunity to gain meaningful insights and engage in discussions around the topics that matter everywhere in education.”

Per a press release, “two new episodes of the show will publish each month, supplemented by special series recorded live from some of the top education technology events worldwide.” The first two episodes are out, which feature experts in educational media and psychology.

Happy Tuesday, readers, and here's to long-distance love within the podcasting community. Thanks to Røde and others for helping out and encouraging the art through thick and thin.


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Here's what else is going on:

  • Free speech: In The Globe and Mail, Ryan Cowley argues that “stuttering deserves accommodation in the workplace.” Daniele Rossi, the host of a podcast about stuttering, offers compassionate insight into the movement.
  • The climb: “Many podcasters obsess about the iTunes/Apple Podcast rankings. But how important are they? And how do they actually work?” Matthew McLean explains the the ranking system's influence and changing context.
  • Comic relief: Peter Wells of the Brisbane Times speaks with standup comedian and “national treasure” Judith Lucy about her podcast Overwhelmed and Dying and “the generosity of spirit that makes the show so engaging.”
  • Higher stakes: In Radio Ink, Jeff McHugh presents “10 commandments” of on-air coronavirus coverage. Much of the advice, like mindfulness around fact-checking and generalizations, applies to conversational podcasts.

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