Libsyn’s Latinx and Spanish-Language Podcasting Initiatives


PodMov Daily: Tuesday, June 30

Episode 237: Testing, One Two-sday

Libsyn's Latinx and Spanish-Language Podcasting Initiatives

Libsyn has announced a series of Latinx initiatives that begin with today’s Latino Podcast Listener Report presentation. Via webinars at 1:00 pm EDT (English) and 2:00 pm EDT (Spanish), Edison Research will share results which “serve to further the conversation about Latinx podcasters and their audience.”

Libsyn says it “will continue the conversation beginning in July with a series of events to further discuss the results and create awareness around Latino podcasts.” The announcement has details on upcoming special guest interviews, Spanish-language highlights on the Rockin' Libsyn Podcasts feature, and more.

Elsie Escobar, Libsyn’s Community Manager and She Podcasts co-founder, is excited to start building. “At Libsyn we have always tried to empower more voices outside of traditional media,” she commented. “What we learn from the listener survey will be valuable in attracting both Latinx podcasts and audiences.”

Buzzsprout: 50 Podcasters Share Their Top Marketing Tips

How are everyday podcasters building their audience and finding success? Buzzsprout asked 200 of them, and here are the 50 top answers. “While there are many opinions about the best way to grow your podcast audience, you're interested in what's working right now for independent podcasters just like you.”

The organized advice spans production, audience engagement, networking, digital and content marketing, and social media, plus the less-easily categorized. Of 50 individual perspectives, one podcaster advocates for a solid two-year plan, while another suggests printing QR codes on business cards.

Buzzsprout recommends choosing a couple to implement while trucking along with what works. An encouraging tip from Chris of the Detroit Arcade Club Cast: “Episodes where we've had guests generally have double the plays, and we see increased plays continue slowly over time after guest appearances.”

Behind the Scenes with Podcaster Jor Gonsalves of Unshaming

Jor Gonsalves wants you to know: “You deserve to take up the space you occupy in the world.” Each episode of his podcast Unshaming is a powerful story about challenging shame and celebrating liberation — told by a wide variety of inspiring guests.

“I decided to create Unshaming as a podcast because podcasts have lower barriers to entry,” Jor says. “It gives me a way to reach a much wider audience than I might with other mediums.” In a new interview from Adobe, Jor reveals how he transformed an idea into a changemaking creative force. 

“I was blown away by how easy Adobe Audition is to use,” he says. “I can pretend like I’m getting my podcast edited by a professional studio in one piece of software.” With Audition’s Spectral Frequency Display, he can easily paint out noise: Clear message, clear sound. 

Check out the full interview for podcasting tips, techniques, and a peek into next season.

Sometimes it is the people no one can imagine anything of who do the things no one can imagine.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Pod goals: Launching today, Supercast’s Paid to Podcast Competition will award over $100,000 in prizes to podcasters that build the strongest paid memberships. Bonus content for all participants includes free hosting and mentorship from major players in podcasting.
  • Real talk: NPR will be launching three enterprise storytelling podcasts over the next six months. On Unsealed, No Compromise, and a yet-untitled narrative series from NPR Music, new voices will tackle “issues that are at the center of the national conversation.”
  • Test pattern: Discover Pods has announced that The Podcast Trends Report 2020 survey is open for responses. This fourth annual Report “aims to better understand podcast listener behavior, benchmarking podcast trends, and taking stock of podcast advertising.”
  • Thumbs up: A video version of the hit podcast Crime Writers On will appear on Facebook Watch. Facebook approached the creators about the “exclusive videocast,” which will let fans watch the hosts' signature reviews of true crime media the day after episodes drop.

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