Listener Interaction: Build Loyalty While Developing Content


PodMov Daily: Tuesday, March 31

Episode 174: Testing, One Two-sday

Listener Interaction: Build Loyalty While Developing Content

In a post on the Spotify for Podcasters blog, Zach Brooke explores major podcasts with heavy audience interaction. Shows like Beautiful Stories From Anonymous People and Last Podcast On The Left are built to “go a step further and actively incorporate listener feedback or participation into episodes.”

Brooke speaks with Henry Zebrowski and Ben Kissel of Last Podcast On The Left, who, with co-host Marcus Parks, consistently engage with an enormous fan base. Turns out “all of these people interested in true crime, interested in aliens, interested in cryptids,” as Kissel describes them, are also into hilariously dark rabbit holes and inside jokes. (Full disclosure: Your editor is one of these people.)

Brooke explains how the featured podcasters make it easy for listeners to ‘write in.’ Some have submission boxes embedded in their sites, while others like Reply All invite voice messages. However, this isn't open-mic night: “It’s helpful to steer feedback in directions that will align with the show’s voice.”

Audio Fiction Network: Discord Server Extends an Invite

Discord, a rapidly growing chat platform that originated in the gaming community, is home to The Audio Fiction Network server. On Reddit’s r/podcasting forum, user JohnGaines_SE says that the group of 700+ is “currently looking for more smart people to join in on the workshopping! The more, the merrier.”

“Audio Fiction Network is a creator driven Discord community of audio drama actors, writers, and producers getting together to chill, share our love of the medium, and have a reliable place to share work and get feedback,” the post states. “We have creative server events for our members such as Table Reads.”

Members are invited to join the recently launched ‘creative hub,' which offers “over 360 produced audio drama scripts,” plus a trove of resources for audio drama producers and sound designers “to use whenever and however they want.” Those interested in narrative podcasts and audiobooks are welcome to join.

Happy Tuesday, readers, and thanks to Amanda McLoughlin of Multitude Productions for this important reminder. Whether its giving a tip or paying a compliment, how can you boost the creators that boost you?


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Here's what else is going on:

  • Fruit loops: The Verge’s Dani Deahl reports that big updates are coming to Apple’s pro music software, Logic Pro X. An image unintentionally displayed by Apple revealed the Pro X interface with GarageBand iOS features including the Live Loops tool.
  • Train station: Prashanth Rao of Financial Express explores what the future holds for audiobooks and podcasts in India. The demand for audio content ignited by podcasts is making users turn toward audiobooks which accommodate long commute times.
  • Wild west: Leslie Anthony describes the “easy, stimulating, wide-ranging” experience of being a guest on Andrea Helleman’s The Lawless Podcast. The host's off-the-cuff approach to drive and motivation elicited “true conversation — two hours' worth.”
  • Dial tone: Noncommercial, community radio has “been forced into hastily improvising a response” to the emergency climate. The New York Times profiles local station leaders holding strong, like Ken Freedman of Jersey City’s WFMU 91.1 and 91.9 FM.

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