The Listener Pyramid: A Proven Key to Podcast Growth


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Episode 597: Your Thursday Podthoughts

The Listener Pyramid: A Proven Key to Podcast Growth

Over the last nine years, 450+ episodes, and nearly 15 million downloads at The Side Hustle Show, Nick Loper has learned that engagement always flows upward. In one of our favorite guest pieces, Loper explains how his Listener Pyramid framework turns strangers into fans — the kind that follow your podcast’s every step.

Every podcast fan was once a stranger to the show, even the one who listens to every episode and pre-orders your merch. As Loper points out, “Podcast fans aren’t born — they’re made.” How are you incentivizing each listener? With specific examples, he demonstrates strategies to reframe both content and communication.

“One thing is certain: If you don’t tell listeners how to subscribe and what’s in it for them, no one will,” Loper says. This piece of advice applies to both your show and your all-important email list. Don’t underestimate a well-placed call to action. “Remember, you never know where your next fan is going to come from.”

Podcast Editing: Expert Tricks for Stronger Skills

When Catherine Saint Louis began editing audio, she’d been at The New York Times for 18 years. Now the executive editor at Neon Hum Media, she credits the skills she’s built to quality resources and hard work. Here’s how she learned what she didn’t know going in, like writing for the ear and recognizing audio problems.

“When explaining the steps I took, I’ll say from the jump: the way to learn to edit podcasts is to put the work in,” Saint Louis says. “The bad news is it takes discipline and consistency. The good news is I think it’s possible to become a better editor — at least in part — on your own.”

While it’s invaluable to learn directly from experts, Saint Louis emphasizes the power of studying what they’ve made, and figuring out how. “If you have dissected dozens and dozens of podcasts to figure out what works, then you’re already well on your way to becoming a story editor. What are you waiting for?” HD Audio and Video Recording, Made Easy is an ultra high-quality recording solution for both audio and video. Separate tracks for each guest are recorded locally, making them look and sound like they’re right in your studio. In uncompressed WAV audio and up to 4k video, every detail is clear and perfectly in-sync. 

70,000 users — including Guy Raz, Gary Vee, and The New York Times — trust Riverside to deliver outstanding results. Local recording eliminates choppiness and delays, so every take is a breeze to edit. Plus, automatic backup and progressive uploading keep your files secure and quick to access.

Ready to make studio-quality podcasts without the hassle? Riverside is packed with powerful features like multi-platform live streaming, screen sharing, video call-in, and more. Create an account for 60 minutes of free recording, no credit card needed.

If you find a book you really want to read but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Connect four: Today at 1:00 pm ET is “Passing the Mic: Black in Podcasting,” a live panel from Sony Music. The conversation features Catherine Saint Louis (Neon Hum), Sam Riddell (In Those Genes), Rob Dozier (Somethin' Else), and Janicia Francis (Tea with Queen and J.) Free registration.
  • Business casual: LinkedIn is launching its own podcast network, reports Sara Fischer of Axios. A joint venture with Verizon, the advertiser-supported pilot program will include in-house shows from LinkedIn’s news team and a slate of 12 originals from “career influencers and industry executives.”
  • Deep dive: On Monday, Edison Research will host a follow-up to the Black Podcast Listener Report. The open virtual event at 1:00 pm ET will give podcasters a chance to network, continue the conversation on key findings, and generate feedback for the next report. Free registration.
  • Turn here: “Podcasts in their current form feel on the edge of an existential change,” writes Alex Hern of The Guardian. Spotify is pushing to take over more than audio: “While a world with twenty podcasting apps is probably better than a world with just one, it would be the end of an era.”

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