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    PodMov Daily: Thursday, June 25

    Episode 234: Your Thursday Podthoughts

    Listener Value: Why Podcasters Should Mic Their Interview Questions

    When interviewing, should podcasters mic their questions? Rob Rosenthal of Transom explains why the answer is “yes.” The teacher, producer, and HowSound host starts with the clearest reason: “Why should the listener have to struggle to hear the question? How does that add value to the story and the listening experience?”

    A contrast in sound quality and volume “takes the listener out of the moment,” Rosenthal points out. “Imagine it. You’re listening to a podcast or the radio. The interviewee’s voice is very present. It’s like they’re in the room with […] you. And then suddenly there’s this voice that sounds like it’s in a box. That disrupts the mood of the story.”

    Reporter Sean Cole, who works for This American Life, tells Rosenthal, “Genuine interactions on the radio are so satisfying because […] it’s like you’ve taken life and put it directly on the air.” When an interviewer’s questions are miced, the two agree, the recorded conversation retains nuance that listeners will value.

    What the WarnerMedia Deals Mean for the Podcast Industry

    In Forbes, Bill Rosenblatt assesses how WarnerMedia’s two new deals “show how the podcasting industry is branching out into distinct business models as it matures.” The media giant will be co-producing original podcasts with Spotify based on the DC Universe, and also co-producing shows with iHeartRadio for HBO Max.

    “In the podcast business, Spotify and iHeartMedia are apples and oranges,” Rosenblatt says. “The most important word in the press release about the WarnerMedia/Spotify deal — and the most indicative of how Spotify’s and iHeartMedia’s podcast strategies differ — is “exclusive.” In that sense, Spotify is using the Netflix model of exclusive content.

    Rosenblatt sees room for both. “The differences between iHeartMedia and Spotify in the podcast space will become more and more apparent in the future: Spotify will move further into exclusive content and walled gardens, and iHeart will continue with its strategy of making podcasting an on-demand version of AM/FM radio.”

    Book Launchers: Get Published, Grow Your Podcast

    Just like podcasts, books need strong, creative branding to stand out. With a great title and compelling chapter topics, you’re positioned as an expert. You know your niche and are ready to sell! Book Launchers delivers top-tier strategy and manuscript development to make it happen.

    Your podcast defines your message in one way. Let Book Launchers bring your story to life for new audiences and new revenue. Welcome to the next generation of self-publishing: From writing to design and promotion, you’re supported through the entire process.

    If writing isn’t your element, welcome. The expert writers and coaches at Book Launchers specialize in non-fiction that shines. (#noboringbooks — they mean it.) Their dedicated marketing team ensures polished presentation, fast-tracking your book to readers and revenue.

    Ready to stand out, sell, and amplify your impact? Download your free 7-step guide to get started.

    We are all travelers in the wilderness of this world, and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend.

    Here's what else is going on:

    • Meetup tonight: This evening from 8:00 – 10:00 pm EST, join the PM team for the next virtual community meetup. Register to listen, give and get advice, and chat with friends. The interactive video platform enables small groups for detailed discussion.
    • Spread out: Spreaker’s Ultimate Guide to Promoting Your Podcast, Part 2, focuses on the power of distribution via podcatchers, email campaigns, partnerships, and soft promotion. “Ask yourself this: what value can I give my subscribers? Then go from there.”
    • Rise ‘n' shine: Google Assistant has added Podcasts to its ‘Snapshot' feed, reports Abner Li of 9to5Mac. A personalized morning-recommendation card shows “a carousel of episodes” with title, date, and duration, cover art, and an expandable “Explore” tab.
    • Address book: The newly launched Podcast Clout is designed for “users who want to appear on high-impact podcasts to quickly generate custom pitch lists.” A 6-month subscription to its database of shows, hosts, and (potential) contact information is $474.

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