Live This Sunday: The Inaugural Black Podcasting Awards


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Live This Sunday: The Inaugural Black Podcasting Awards

The first-ever Black Podcasting Awards will take place this Sunday at 7:00 pm EST. The new initiative and live ceremony are “a celebration of the ownership and creation of content for the black experience in the world of podcasting.” Awards for 16 categories include Best Black Business Podcast and Best Black Mental Wellness.

When the idea went public in February, the wave of support included a donated Brooklyn event venue. The pandemic of course called for a change of plans. Last week, Executive Director Georgie-Ann Getton-Mckoy posted a BPA Kickstarter on Twitter. It went viral, and brought in over $9,100 from 125 backers, smashing the $7,500 goal.

The organizers have expressed, “We aim to elevate black voices within the audio creation field […] in a marketplace that often overlooks the candor of black digital expressionists.” Virtual seating is free with email signup. To support the BPA initiative, contact Fundraising and Sponsorship Director Demetrius Bagley.

Spotify Strikes a Deal to Adapt Podcasts into Films and TV

A new, multiyear partnership between Spotify and film and television production company Chernin Entertainment shows how valuable podcast IP has become. The agreement allows Chernin to identify and adapt film and TV from Spotify’s library of over 250 original series, making up thousands of hours of content.

The production company is behind some major titles, including Best Picture nominee Ford v Ferrari and The Planet of the Apes trilogy. Chairman Peter Chernin notably told Deadline that “reverse engineer opportunities” are also appealing, as they “might find that something would benefit from having a podcast as its starting point.”

Spotify’s deep analytics tools, used to provide podcasters with performance insights, will go a long way in identifying promising adaptations. The goal is to develop a “premier destination for original IP,” said Spotify CCO Dawn Ostroff about the deal. “Together, we can usher in a new era for podcasts as source material.”

Buzzsprout: Full-Service Podcasting, Award-Winning Support

Buzzsprout isn’t just the easiest way to start a professional podcast. It gives you the tools and support to host, promote, and track your show. Since 2009, Buzzsprout has been the gold standard for hosting. With advanced statistics, monetization, and promotion features, there’s so much more to love.

Podcasting with Buzzsprout is the full package: Automatic episode optimization, transcription capability, and comprehensive distribution are part of the deal. Above all, their award-winning support team has your back. Get enthusiastic, knowledgeable help when you need it — every step of the way.

Over 100,000 people have chosen Buzzsprout to launch, learn, and grow. With resources like YouTube videos, guides, and podcast episodes, it’s easy to become a better podcaster. You’ll even meet other creators in the private Facebook community. Ready for a better podcasting experience?

Subtlety may deceive you; integrity never will.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Inside scoop: What should podcasters know before interviewing a journalist? In Bello Collective, journalist Alexandra Frost explains how to best prepare: “As someone who has been conducting interviews for over a decade, it can be tough to be on the other end of the mic.”
  • Custom fit: For some users, Google Discover will start recommending episodes from Google Podcasts in addition to articles and video. Abner Li of 9to5Google calls it a “particularly significant move” to expand overall listening, powered by Google’s wealth of personal user data.
  • Little boxes: The release of iOS 14 brings major changes to Apple Podcasts. For Podnews, John Dinkel discusses features like App Clips, the new App Library, and moveable Widgets: “The Apple Podcasts app can now have up to 20 times the real estate than it had before.”
  • Speak truth: In Nigeria, the rise of LGBTQ podcasts has created a vital sense of community. Nelson C.J. discusses how, as queer and trans Nigerians remain persecuted, shows like The Pride Diaries serve as “an alternative means of congregating” safely.

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