Master Your Craft: Natural Dialogue Editing, Simplified


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Master Your Craft: Natural Dialogue Editing, Simplified

What does it mean to “master your craft” in podcasting? Edison Research SVP Tom Webster recently offered this advice as a starting point: “Get a transcript of your recent episode. Read it and experience the horror.” Before sitting down to edit, consider these four steps from a sound designer at Pacific Content.

According to Robyn Edgar, there’s a fine line between sloppiness and overpolishing. “When someone creating a podcast edits dialogue too heavily and inadvertently removes what makes the speech human, it’s immediately noticeable,” she says. An “eyes-closed” method of editing may help fine-tune your intuition. 

Edgar explains how she feels out pacing, intonation, and of course, ‘likes,’ ‘umms,’ and ‘uhhs.’ In the ongoing debate about removing filler words, she prefers to leave some in to avoid an unnatural-sounding result: “You want your audience to hear what you’re saying with your podcast, not how it’s made.”

Podnews: Expect Flight Delays in Apple Podcasts

If you’ve noticed episodes taking a long time to appear in Apple Podcasts, you’re not alone. Podnews asked around to gauge the scope of the problem and “got many, many emails in response.” One podcast hosting company reported about five complaints per day from people kept waiting for over 24 hours.

“Another publisher says episodes have taken a full 48 hours to appear in Apple Podcasts — for another, their record is 72 hours,” writes editor James Cridland. These podcasters all had valid feeds, and their episodes were available everywhere else. (Be sure to check before blaming your hosting company.)

This is the latest of many recent problems, distinct from the auto-downloads bug and the Apple Podcasts Connect access issue. Apple seems to be aware, though the company hasn’t offered much help other than asking users to report ongoing delays over 24 hours. Where does that leave those with daily shows?

Anstandig on the Future: Find Your Next Great Idea

Exploring the future of technology is the key to staying competitive — and sparking inspiration. Anstandig on the Future is a new podcast from tech investor Daniel Anstandig, founder and CEO of Futuri Media. Each episode takes a fresh, informed look at what’s on the horizon, from entrepreneurship to AI.

Daniel’s passion built POST, Futuri’s innovative podcasting system, and AdMatic, technology that makes podcasts more discoverable and monetizable. Now he’s sharing engaging conversations with thought leaders on the future of Apple, content marketing, and even “The Future of Work” in a new episode. 

Ready to discover your next great idea? The future is now, and it’s time to start listening. Subscribe to Anstandig on the Future wherever you get your podcasts.

If you are making mistakes, then you are making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself, changing your world.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Help desk: “Starting Out” is a new monthly feature for people entering the audio industry, developed by producer and reporter Alice Wilder. Available as a newsletter and Transom post, each free issue has advice from experienced producers, entry-level job listings, and resources for building skills.
  • Stay sharp: Simply ‘going through the motions’ of production may be a barrier to growth, writes Evo Terra in Podcast Pontifications. “If there’s an area where you feel your skills as a podcaster are lacking, then there’s a good chance some of your loyal listeners also see or hear that lack of skill.”
  • No filter: “Never read the comments” is the first rule of YouTube. Podcasters considering distribution there and on Facebook might prepare to ask, “Do we see others online as human?” According to Barbara Krasnoff of The Verge, mean-spirited comments tend to reflect only on the commenter.
  • Rule book: Beginning on September 21, Google will enforce new requirements for podcasts to appear in Google Podcasts recommendations. The main detail to check is that <link> is a valid URL to your podcast’s website. Regardless, listeners can still find and subscribe to the show normally.

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