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PodMov Daily: Monday, August 12

Episode 20: Your Monday Mix

SoundExchange to Launch New Podcast Music Licensing Service

SoundExchange has just announced collaboration plans with SourceAudio to launch a new solution for podcast producers to secure music. The existing marketplace would expand to offer access to SoundExchange’s “vast membership” of music creators. Currently the PodcastMusic marketplace hosts 700,000 production and music bed tracks.

Acquiring rights for feature music has been a challenge in podcasting, but this resource aims to change the process. “Our collaboration with SourceAudio will make the process of licensing music simpler through a one-stop licensing marketplace,” says Michael Huppe, President and CEO of SoundExchange. With the industry forecasted to produce more than $1 billion in advertising revenue by 2021, music creators will be able to efficiently tap in.

The opt-in service will launch in 2020. Music creators: If you’re interested in making your recordings available for podcasts, you can visit the Rights Holders page for more details.

Star-Powered Sponsors: Advertisers and Celebrities in Podcasting

This Monday’s guest article is from Jeremy Helton, podcast marketing and engagement consultant. He observes how the definition of “celebrity” has expanded in media and how podcast advertising has adapted. As YouTubers and social media influencers have moved into podcasting, sponsors have seen the entire medium as more viable. Helton quotes Michael Bosstick, CEO of Dear Media:

Brands are starting to recognize that traditional celebrities don’t always move audiences the way digital celebrity talent does.

Helton points out that while celebrities’ star power may bury smaller shows at first, their presence is an overall plus. Emily Bon at Main Event Media agrees: “Celebrities bring in a diverse and new audience to the medium and for most people, once they discover podcasting, they are hooked.” Be on the lookout tomorrow for a bonus celebrity analysis roundtable.

Distribution Deal: Deezer Partners with Blubrry and Libsyn

Both Blubrry and Libsyn have announced that they’ll be adding distribution on Deezer, the Paris-based global music streaming service. Like most other audio streaming platforms, Deezer wants in on the podcast market.

According to Podcaster News, “Over 28,000 podcasts are currently available on Deezer, with hundreds created in-house as part of its Deezer Originals series.” With these partnerships, Deezer’s 14 million active users will be able to access over 62,000 active podcasts currently hosted by Libsyn and over 75,000 through Blubrry. Soon, you’ll be able to easily submit your show to a massive new audience of listeners worldwide.

Blubrry’s new distribution location is set to go live next week. Libsyn’s timeframe has not been reported, but we do know that their audience analytics platform will let creators “gauge the size and unique geographic location of audiences consuming their content.” Podcasting voices are traveling faster and farther than ever before.

Podbean Hosting: Grow, Earn, Thrive. Try it Free!

Whether you’re a pro or just getting started, you deserve podcast hosting that grows with you. With sophisticated features and cutting-edge monetization, hosting with Podbean is simply smart. Truly unlimited bandwidth and storage lets you focus on content and growing your show, not your budget.

Making money with Podbean is simple and customizable. The Podcast Advertising Marketplace matches your content with ideal sponsors. Manage campaigns with PodAds, the ad insertion and management system. With Premium and the Patron Program, you can earn income from listeners and reward your supporters with exclusive content. Switching to Podbean not only saves you time and money, it supports your passion. Try it yourself: Click below for a free month!

PM19: Come see us at Booth 412 to chat and learn more about how Podbean can help your podcast grow! Ask us about our exciting new Live feature too.

You can try to be BEST forever and never get that recognition. Being the MOST will have your life filled with the BEST moments.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Major cash in Seattle-based Glow wants to optimize listener support for independent podcast producers. In “three taps,” users can sign up and start funding via monthly subscription. The Google and Apple Play-integrated platform has raised a $2.3 million seed round.
  • Finding an ad audience: Sponsoring podcasts based on audience is tricky. Listeners have hyper-specific tastes, so “every second of the content and messaging matters.” Learn how the power of AI-powered technology and metrics can help identify your best-bet potential customers.
  • StreamGuys’ new API: The firm has a new API (Application Programming Interface) for their SGrecast live stream repurposing and podcast management system, giving developers “programmatic access to SGrecast’s stream recording, content publishing, media player creation and rebroadcasting functionality.”
  • Cherry on top: UK broadcaster, writer, and podcaster Cherry Healy doesn’t buy the ‘peak podcast’ line. Her response? “Just chill out, Karen!” In an interview with Stylist, Healy explains why she still encourages women to giving hosting a shot and how much the industry has changed.

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