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PodMov Daily: Monday, August 19

Episode 25: Podcasting's Monday Mix

A Matter of Legacy: Guest Feature from Elsie Escobar

Our guest feature this post-PM Monday comes from the talented Elsie Escobar. She’s a multi-podcast host that works for Libsyn and has been in the professional podcasting and development space for over a decade.

Specializing in indie podcasters’ “impact, influence, and power,” she acts as a consultant to guide creation and strategy. She’s written a reflective personal essay about the value of voice recordings over time and what podcasting has meant to her life.

Escobar spoke at 4 sessions in Orlando last week and is gearing up for She Podcasts LIVE, to be held this October in Atlanta. The event celebrates the She Podcasts community and all women in podcasting.

Justori: Traditional Storytelling for the Future

Justori is a recently released podcasting app borne of a commitment to traditional storytelling. France-based creator Pratik Ghosh describes the concept: “Anyone can pick up a phone, and on Justori they can share a speech, be it a minute-long or an hour long, or you can hold a podcast or a conversation. The idea centres around freedom of speech in its truest form.”

According to Indulge Express, Justori “enjoys a diverse league of users and listeners” that includes podcasters seeking spontaneous communication. Beyond audio recording and sharing, features include offline listening, auto-tuning, and voice notes. The idea is to create “a worldwide community for story-tellers, raconteurs and active listeners.”

Podsend: New Private Audio Collaboration Platform

The new private collaboration platform Podsend is set to launch September 1. Reported features include the ability to “share ads with sponsors, or entire episodes with cohosts and insiders, [and] collect their feedback and comments, all in a secure environment.”

There wouldn’t be a need for all parties to have experience with private RSS feeds, nor coordination of Slack and Dropbox. Podsend touts its streamlined exclusive-content engagement and fast cohost collaboration. The platform is currently in beta, though the website appears to have an early access offer.

Audio Drama Track Hits the Ground Running

Happy Monday, everyone! We want to thank all of our readers and PM19 attendees for making last week so special. The audio drama track was particularly popular — we dig feedback like this from T.H. Ponders of Accession.


Team PM

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Here's what else is going on:

  • Pro setup breakdowns: “A good podcast setup is like a tool kit, or Batman’s utility belt.” Check out equipment and methods used by heavy hitters like Helen Zaltzman (The Allusionist) and Marc Maron. Headphones, mixers, software and recorders are compared to help you build a custom rig.
  • Sm(ART)er ads: Podcast hosting platform ART19 has announced an agreement with Veritone. aiWARE, Veritone’s artificial intelligence operating system, will make it possible for ART19’s advertising partners to target “contextual and relevant” ads based on the content of individual podcast episodes.
  • Mid-PM reflections: Lila Shroff posted mid-conference takeaways from Podcast Movement on Thursday. Check out highlights on the increasingly “global role” of podcasts, dynamic ad insertion, diversifying listeners, and more. More review coverage is sure to come in the next week.
  • Apps vs. browsers: Pacific Content explains the fundamental differences between listening to podcasts on an app and on a web browser. Data from Apple Podcasts, research, and Simplecast analytics distinguishes between “skimmers” and “divers.” Know your listening patterns.

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