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    PodMov Daily: Monday, May 11

    Episode 202: Your Monday Mix

    Monday Guest Feature: Being Timely vs. Being Well

    This Monday’s guest article takes a realistic, empathetic approach to the question: “What happens when your podcast calls for discussion of current events, but those current events hit a little too close to home?” Wil Williams makes the case for setting personal boundaries for your show.

    The discussion is of course inspired by the pandemic, but it can apply to any headline. Unless you “make a hard-hitting news show,” are you really obligated to address an event that causes you (and potentially your audience) unnecessary stress? Williams eloquently explains why the answer is no. Not even close.

    Concerned about “the awkward tension of leaving it out of your show entirely” or losing out on SEO traction? Williams offers a reality check for hosts under pressure: “If you feel like you must talk about it, you are passionate about it, and it’s expected of you, you still need to check in with yourself.”

    “Top-Dollar CPM”: More on Audio Fiction Ads from Sean Howard

    In a follow-up piece about fiction-specific audio advertising, Sean Howard of Fable and Folly Network details the proposed model and its necessity. With most producers unable to live off of their work, why hasn’t audio fiction seen the ROI of other genres? What will a solution look like?

    “While every podcast creator must learn to develop multiple sources of income, there is one source in particular that most of us have been unable to master: advertising and sponsorship.” Howard explains why the impersonal enthusiasm of agency-placed spots hasn’t worked and provides an example of what just might.

    A spec ad for a popular shoe company, embedded in the post, is tailored to the absurdist dark-comedy Death by Dying. The spot “uses storytelling to delight listeners and showcase the brand in a truly memorable way,” Howard says, tapping into the lessons of “the early days of radio.”

    Happy Monday, readers, and here's to the 2nd annual She Podcasts Live! The largest in-person gathering of women podcasters is open for applications from those with “unique expertise and stories to tell.”

    When I use my strength in the service of my vision it makes no difference whether or not I am afraid.

    Here's what else is going on:

    • Southern style: The 8th annual Fringe Audio from the Atlanta Fringe Festival begins next Friday, May 15. The free virtual event gathers 20 artists from across the United States to present radio dramas, investigative journalism, storytelling, and more.
    • Hey, neighbor: A Soundstripe guest feature from The Podcast Host shares benefits and strategies of hyperlocal shows and how to double down on a geographically specific audience: “Local listeners want local content from local experts.”
    • Well deserved: As a winner of The Pulse Award, Discovering Dementia creator Penny Bell was awarded a share of £50,000 from the BPA Fund. Bell is now expanding her podcast, a candid, personal exploration of dementia resources and experiences.
    • Major purchase: Wendy Lee of The LA Times details the $18 million acquisition of PodcastOne by LiveXLive Media. The 300+ shows under PodcastOne include The Adam Carolla Show, The Big Podcast with Shaq, and The Steve Austin Show.

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