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    PodMov Daily: Monday, September 14

    Episode 284: Your Monday Mix

    Monday Guest Feature: Expert Advice on Podcast Music Licensing

    This Monday's guest article takes an expert dive into music licensing for podcasts. Bob Frymire works at APM Music Publishing and has over 45 years’ experience in the music industry. “When you plan ahead, you’ll avoid getting locked into a deal that doesn’t work for you,” he says. Don’t fear sourcing and contracts right off the bat.

    Frymire discusses lesser-known options like contracting with a composer and using a production music library. “There are a lot of variables out there, but don’t just go with the least expensive! Ask questions and negotiate,” he suggests. “Above all, know that you can add another resource to your circle, and build a relationship.”

    How should podcasters narrow the search? “You will want to find a reputable source that offers wide variety, new releases, and a deal that can provide creative latitude,” Frymire explains. He goes over important terms like proper vetting and indemnity, along with smart follow-up questions to keep your show in the clear.

    Podcast Analytics Startup Chartable Raises $2.25 Million

    Chartable, known for its authoritative podcast download charts, has announced a $2.25 million seed funding round. “Founded in 2018, Chartable says it’s now tracking 1 billion podcast downloads and ad impressions every month, compared to 100 million downloads a year ago,” reports Anthony Ha of TechCrunch. 

    According to co-founder and CEO Dave Zohrob, Chartable is working with eight of the 10 biggest podcast publishers globally. The podcast market is truly one of a kind. “It’s more fragmented, it’s not just Apple and Android, and there’s a billion different business models,” Zohrob told Ha. “There’s a lot more complexity.” 

    Because podcast attribution data is already so limited, Zohrob doesn’t think new iOS privacy changes will make “a huge difference” for Chartable’s attribution tools: “Ultimately what’s happening with the rest of digital advertising is that it’s going to start to look like podcast advertising, which is kind of funny.”

    Podcasting, Seriously: Expert Sessions, In-Depth Learning

    Podcasting, Seriously from Lantigua Williams & Co. is a learning platform for those looking to level up. Whether you’re an independent creative or a professional entering the space, this in-depth series is for you. Each engaging, practical session delves into skills and ideas that will take you further.

    Trying new things isn’t always comfortable. Podcasting, Seriously will build your confidence beyond the basics. Upcoming sessions focus on sustainable growth, strong editing, and the critical components of a stellar interview. An extended Q&A follows every webinar, giving you expert feedback where you need it.

    Podcasting, Seriously is about comprehensive learning. From delving into the latest industry data to breaking down editorial and production processes, you’ll benefit from informed and honest outlooks on the industry. Ready to get serious? Early-bird pricing ends this Friday at 12:00 pm ET.

    Logic is a seductive excuse for setting low expectations.

    Here's what else is going on:

    • Best bet: Why should potential sponsors invest in your podcast? Buzzsprout explains how to present a clear financial picture. “Use data from previous promotions, stats on your latest merch drop, or analytics on your audience's demographics as tools to craft a compelling pitch.”
    • The essentials: At last week’s IAB Podcast Upfront, Edison Research SVP Tom Webster “shared a way to look at some recent stats that surprised a few people.” Webster summarizes the latest Share of Ear® report, right after nailing a reference to leprechaun horror films.
    • Crimson tide: Fans have a lot of thoughts on Joe Rogan’s red, bunker-like podcast studio. (A mild Tweet says it “looks like the inside of a toaster.”) Stylistic choices like depth of field, lighting, and camera angles may contribute, suggests tech YouTuber Sara Dietschythe.

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