Monday Guest Feature: Podcasters, Learn to Love Spreadsheets


PodMov Daily: Monday, May 18

Episode 207: Your Monday Mix

Monday Guest Feature: Podcasters, Learn to Love Spreadsheets

This Monday’s guest feature is the latest in Doug Fraser’s Pro Storytelling series. The documentary filmmaker and podcaster behind What We Do is a spreadsheet evangelist, with good reason: In the show’s early days, “an information storm was raining down, and spreadsheets kept me afloat.”

Visualization of one’s process is key to staying on track. “The great thing about spreadsheets is they don’t have to be fancy,” Fraser points out. “Whether they’re plain and boring (like mine) or literal works of art, what matters is taking advantage of their features in a way that fits your needs.”

Before narrative podcasting, Fraser admits, “spreadsheets used to be a four-letter word.” These days, his editing process benefits from “a quick-look map of where things have gone and where they’re heading.” For podcasters struggling with organization and planning episodes, life on the grid may be the answer.

Michael Jenson: Major Media is Missing the Audio Wave

Giant media companies are sleeping on audio, says Michael Jenson, co-founder of the curated audio platform Spkr. In a widely researched post, Jenson observes that aggressive investments by Facebook, Apple, and Google have failed to appreciate the potential of spoken-word content.

With recent attempts “they are largely missing the mark, defaulting to re-purposing […] without regard to the differences in the medium,” Jenson writes. “To date, there has been little thought from major media to creating content that matches the expectations of the format nor the creativity to stand out.”

Netflix and HBO have done considerably better, says Jenson, pointing to high-quality podcast complements like Watchmen. For major media to see return on audio, “it must be viewed as a format of its own that demands resources, time and the appropriate creative considerations.”

Podcast Magazine Special Feature: The Top 50 Moms In Podcasting!

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Here's what else is going on:

  • Talking points: Apple plans to add audio versions of publisher articles to Apple News+, reports Max Willens of Digiday. Several publishers who have heard the company's pitch “regard the plans skeptically” around monetization and demand.
  • Forked road: Two major factors cause podcasters to call it quits, observes Jeremy Enns of Counterweight Creative. Enns explains how realistic expectations and effective work systems are foundational requirements for the long haul.
  • Camera ready: According to Paul Colligan of The Podcast Report, a Zoom video does not a podcast make. Colligan details the importance of a focused mission when working with video and how “the right tool for the job” may be unexpected.
  • Bright morning: On Thursday, Acast will host a webinar, “Sounds Smart Ireland: Podcasting Through a Pandemic.” Top Irish podcasters join to discuss topics like listener behavior and lockdown limitations. Tune in at 11:00am (Dublin), 5:00am (CT).

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