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    PodMov Daily: Monday, July 13

    Episode 240: Your Monday Mix

    Guest Feature: How and Why to Create an Accessible Podcast

    This Monday's guest feature from Sage Levene outlines the movement toward digital accessibility, especially in podcasting. As the Broadcast Manager for the New York City-based Morey Creative Studios, Levene explains the benefits of following standard Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. In podcasting, accessibility is simply non-negotiable.

    “It’s our duty as podcasters — and as people — to ensure that we’re creating the best experience possible for our audience. Our entire audience,” Levene writes. “Making your podcast as accessible as possible will not require extreme adjustments to your routine, and it will create a much better experience for listeners.”

    From podcast artwork to transcripts and social media, Levene shows how easily changes can be made. “The podcasting community is collaborative, open, and eager to learn,” she says. I feel the lack of WCAG adoption stems from insufficient education, not intentional exclusion.” With education at the forefront, podcasters hold the cards.

    SHIFT: PM University's Free Kickoff Virtual Event Tomorrow

    SHIFT, PM University's free kickoff virtual event, is on for tomorrow. All members of the free Podcast Movement University platform are invited to a day of keynotes, conversations, and networking. Beginning at 10:30 am CT, expert speakers will share inside perspective on the industry’s strengths and future.

    Renay Richardson of Broccoli Content and Noleca Radway of Domino Sound will open SHIFT with a discussion of equality and representation in audio production. Register and check the packed schedule to join podcasting professionals from Midroll/Stitcher, Spoke Media, Journey to Launch, Adonde Media, and more.

    Special Feature: An Exclusive 1-on-1 With Dave Ramsey

    If you’re a fan of podcasts, you’ll love Podcast Magazine. Each month, Podcast Magazine takes you “Beyond The Microphone” and into the lives of today's leading podcasters and introduces you to dozens of shows you've likely never heard of, but should be listening to.

    This month’s issue features exclusive sit downs with Dave Ramsey of Ramsey Solutions, Ijeoma Eleazu of Etsy Conversations, Dan Lok of The Dan Lok Show, Rachel Luna of Real Talk, Dr. Joan Cartwright of Women In Jazz, Zaiba Hasan & Uzma Jafri of Mommying While Muslim and many others. 

    Plus, they reveal the brand new Podcast Magazine Hot 50 chart for July (#1 is definitely not who you might think!) Subscribe now at Podcast Magazine.com.

    Podcast Magazine — the only magazine dedicated to podcast fans, covering the world of podcasts and podcast culture.

    You can't build a reputation on what you are going to do.

    Here's what else is going on:

    • Better yet: Omnicom’s $20 million advertising deal with Spotify includes developing “joint research and best practices around podcast ad targeting.” Tom Webster, SVP of Edison Research, sees that industry best practices are “a conversation more of us need to have.”
    • Listen, learn: Afros & Audio, a community for and by Black podcast creatives and audio professionals, will host a free event on Wednesday at 8:00 pm EST. Part of the Virtual Summer Series, the Novice Tech Talk will feature a panel of expert speakers and a Q&A.
    • Evening wear: Shruti Ravindran points out that for chat-casts, “sustaining interest and audience growth calls for a tricky sort of alchemy.” For Timber.fm, Ravindran explores how the pop-culture journalists behind the Night Call podcast have organically done just that.
    • Liquid luck: Steve Pratt of Pacific Content drops some truth about the “secret sauce” of podcasting. Set aside the Field of Dreams fallacy (“If you build it, they will come”), Pratt insists. “If you want a successful podcast, you have to be prepared to do a lot of hard work.”

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