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Podcast Movement 2020 is back this October! Learn More & Register Here


    PodMov Daily: Monday, November 11

    Episode 84: Your Monday Mix

    Podcasting Soon: Big Whig Media, DC's Open Multimedia Studio

    A new state-of-the-art podcast studio will soon be launching in Washington, DC. Big Whig Media is located near the White House, on the ground floor of the Willard Hotel.

    The facility features a “custom-designed modular set and desk with interchangeable monitors” and “multi-camera connectivity for streaming or filming capability.”Big Whig’s setup will be available for anybody looking to host their podcast from a high-tech studio, according to a press release.

    Its advanced editing suites for post-production, animation, and graphic design are part of an initiative to address “demand that isn’t being met in the D.C. area.” While the studio is configured for podcasts, plans show significant focus on video-based content.

    Obstacles and Essential Encouragement for Women's Voices in Podcasting

    Chloe Gray of UK magazine Stylist is the host of The Girlfriends Podcast, which “challenges how we view female friendships.” The journalist assesses the obstacles that women’s voices face in the podcasting space.

    “Numbers and ratings aren’t the only problem. In fact, getting into podcasting is relatively easy, all you need is a quiet room, a decent-ish microphone and a laptop,” Gray writes. “It’s the sexism women face once they put out the content that can often stop us from even trying.”

    Sophie Herdman, content director at Acast, tells Gray: “I think stories have the power to really change things, and so it’s really important that women are podcasting” […] “That kind of bond can really affect change, especially if we’re looking at feminism and inspiring people.”

    In a frank discussion of unconscious bias and how podcasting mirrors the traditionally male-dominated radio industry, Gray identifies points of progress: “The BBC pay discrimination court case is just one example of equality coming into the limelight, but the the rise of new media platforms has really helping to put women in control.”

    Happy Monday, readers, and thank you to Addy Saucedo for this excellent tip. Accidentally leaving files unsaved happens, but here’s a reminder to keep the products of your hard work safe and intact.

    Team PM

    All you have to do is to pay attention; lessons always arrive when you are ready.

    Here's what else is going on:

    • Rising son: The Frame, of Southern California Public Radio’s KPCC 89.3, highlights Moonface, a podcast created by one of its “original producers.” James Kim wrote and directed the fictional series which tells an intimate, intergenerational story with “cinematic sound design and immersive music.”
    • Scattergories: Simplecast’s technical guide to selecting a category for your podcast explains how to update your show’s identifiers within Apple’s ‘enhanced’ framework. To make sure your show is optimized for discovery, selecting 3 sub-categories in addition to broad, top-level labels is recommended.
    • Fun size: “You want a large crowd so as many people as possible hear your message, right? Maybe not,” according to Ever Gonzalez. In Podcast Business journal, the founder of OutlierHQ details the “tremendous power that comes from hosting quality micro events,” generated by meaningful connections.
    • Figured out: Mike Usinger of The Georgia Straight spoke with musician, 10-year podcaster, and “recovering physicist” Dr. Martin Zaltz Austwick about his DIY approach to audio. Austwick is on the road after performances of The Allusionist at the Vancouver Podcast Festival and Toronto’s Hot Docs.

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