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PodMov Daily: Monday, October 14

Episode 64: Your Monday Mix

Partying Like It's 1509: Tudorcon's Podcasting Renaissance

After 10 years of hosting the popular Renaissance English History Podcast, Heather Teysko has been ready for a group celebration. When she found that the event she’d envisioned didn’t exist, she polled listeners via social media and the podcast to gauge interest in starting one. “The response was amazing,” Teysko says. “So many people were so supportive.”

The inaugural Tudorcon will take place October 18 – 20 at a Pennsylvania estate and winery. A community of “leading Tudor-era bloggers, authors, speakers, and historians” will gather for “three days of learning, feasting, music, food, dancing, and generally partying like it’s 1509.”

“Most of my listenership is in the U.S., and I wanted to bring people to my hometown for this event,” said Teysko. “It’s going to be an amazing three days, and we’ve got people coming from all over the world to speak and learn.” With passion and hard work, a podcast can become so much more than a show.

Wants and Needs: Interim Results from the International Podcast Association Survey

Podnews reports that the International Podcast Association has released interim results from its podcasters’ survey. Podnews editor James Cridland is a member of the Association whose “mission is to support and accelerate the success of every individual and organisation around the world that are participating in the podcast industry.”

Findings from the survey reveal what podcasters report to want and what they need assistance with. Among the conclusions: Podcasters want a “resource directory” more than any other tool — time to summon the mighty wisdom of librarians. Respondents’ input will “help shape the organisation’s initial goals,” so please participate if you’ve not already.

Live On Stage: What Sets Podcasting Events Apart

Live podcasting events are an animal unlike any other aspect of the medium. Dan Misener of Pacific Content, an expert on these rapidly growing get-togethers, has been involved with Toronto’s Hot Docs Podcast Festival “from its inception,” among many other projects.

The difference between a flop and a hit “means recognizing that podcasts and live events are different,” Misener writes. “It means understanding the affordances of each. It means putting on a show, and playing to the strengths of live.” His top piece of expert advice for events is to take advantage of the “elements of togetherness, participation, and a sense of camaraderie that can only happen when people get together.”

The energy of an event is inherently difficult to translate into the solitary experience of listening to a podcast episode. “What experience can you create that can only happen live?” Misener asks. It’s a valuable question, but don’t worry; we’ll keep recording the sessions at Podcast Movement.

And Now Some Fun with The Father-Son Podcasting Microphone

Happy Monday, readers, and thank you to Rob Byers for this gem. (Very silly with slight adult dialogue. Totally worth it.)

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Here's what else is going on:

  • Bigfoot returns: TechCrunch reviews the Yeti X microphone, a “pretty subtle update” to the best-selling Yeti used by “a large and broadening category of home broadcasters.” New features include real-time level monitoring and improved sound. Recording “sounds crisp” due to four capsule condensers.
  • Escucha esto: Martina Castro of Los Podcasteros, a community for “chroniclers, documentaries, designers and sound engineers, producers, journalists, [and] listeners” of Spanish-language podcasts, will be launching a webinar for all of the above on October 19.
  • Heavy rotation: On Tuesday, October 22 at 2:00 pm EDT, PodcastOne CEO Peter Morris and Edison Research SVP Tom Webster will stream a webinar on their first “Super Listener” study, “an exclusive look at podcasting’s heaviest listeners.” Register to reserve a seat from anywhere.
  • Free upgrade: Ritter Library at Ohio’s Baldwin Wallace University has been hooked up with an “8 channel podcast mixer, two handheld wired microphones, two tripods with shock mounts and headphone amplifiers” as part of a grant for podcasting equipment and training from ILEAD USA.

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