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PodMov Daily: Monday, October 7

Episode 59: Your Monday Mix

Amazon Echo Auto, Reviewed by Steven Goldstein of Amplifi Media

Amplifi CEO Steven Goldstein ‘test drove’ the Amazon Echo Auto, a first step toward understanding “how in-car listening is likely to change” once smart speaker technology finds its way into our cars. The device’s debut is “a little clunky in its first iteration,” its performance “promising but erratic.”

Goldstein explains that the Echo Auto “piggybacks on your phone’s cell service and functions via the Echo smartphone app, which itself is a functional Alexa device capable of doing much of what can be done on a smart speaker.” Though it may have a “distinct “after market” feel,” the Echo was able to resume Goldstein’s podcast in the car from where he’d left off on his home Echo device.

“Clarity and device comprehension is more complicated in a moving vehicle. That has been an ongoing Siri problem,” Goldstein writes. Looking past the compromise and lag time of the current model, later versions of the Echo Auto will bring “opportunity for those willing to adapt how their content is presented.”

Crisp and Clear at Home: 6 Tricks for Top-Notch Studio Sound

“All professional recordings have three main characteristics that take them from amateur to polished,” writes Denise Meikle for Discover the Best Podcasts. “Volume levels are consistent, all speakers are audible, and there’s limited to no background noise interruptions.” While professional recording booths take care of the basics, noise pollution is a reality of recording for podcasters using home studios.

Meikle shares 6 setup-improving tips to “get you on the same playing field as the big guys.” From ideal room shape (asymmetrical is best) to sound-smoothing flooring (hard, with area rugs), find out what your home has in store for your next episode. If you have an unused mattress lying around, it could be your new best friend behind the mic.

Colin Gray of The Podcast Host and Alitu: An Overview

StartupWorld profiles the work of Colin Gray, founder of The Podcast Host and creator of Alitu. As The Podcast Host, Gray has guided podcasters through the essentials since 2011.

“According to Gray, there are two reasons average podcasters find difficulty in production and editing,” the editors write. “Either they are not tech-savvy and cannot handle the tools easily and efficiently, or they don’t get sufficient time to do all the technical work along with the recording.”

Gray’s podcast production app, Alitu, launched in 2017. As “a personal producer for the average podcaster,” the app helps creators with “adding music, converting audio, leveling, clip transitions, exporting, and publishing.” Reportedly, Gray considered enlisting an agency to build Alitu into a full-fledged podcast production platform.

However, “he recognized that it would restrict his freedom to a large extent to be innovative.” Since building the platform with a developer, Alitu has become another way for thousands of people to “bring something new to the world.”

Podcast Movement Found in Superfans: Thanks, PF!

Happy Monday, readers, and thank you, Pat Flynn! Our own Jared Easley says that the captain of Smart Passive Income mentioned Podcast Movement in his new book, Superfans. Shoutouts have us all warm ‘n fuzzy.


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Here's what else is going on:

  • Daily deluge: NPR has decided to expand its Politics Podcast into a daily show, publishing each afternoon through Election Day 2020. “The show will run about 15 minutes and include a rundown of the day’s top political stories, interviews, quick analysis and some deep dives.”
  • Mobile mix: Spotify has provided a step-by-step guide to making playlists that include podcasts. The new feature, part of the platform’s Audio First initiative, was implemented at the end of September. Assembling playlists is currently mobile only, with desktop coming soon.
  • After party: The October 16 IAB Podcast Upfront in New York City is sold out. A new Post-Event Training Day offering, the Audio 360 Half Day Workshop, will focus on audio and digital marketing. Open only to open to brand marketers and agency executives.
  • Stepping out: uStudio, a podcasting distribution platform designed for enterprises, was ranked #22 on the Entrepreneur360 study of “Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America.” The award recognizes companies “mastering the art and science of a growing business.”

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