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PodMov Daily: Monday, September 16

Episode 44: Your Monday Mix

Uncomfortable and Inspired: Maribel Quezada Smith on PM19

Maribel Quezada Smith, host of the podcast Diferente, delivered a session at Podcast Movement this year entitled “If You’re Not Making Someone Uncomfortable, You’re Not Inspiring Anyone.” Believe it or not, the event wrapped up one month ago today. Smith has just published an engagingly honest essay on WOC Podcasters about the boundary-expanding PM19 experience.

“The feeling of camaraderie and collaboration kept me engaged and open to talking to people I had never met,” she writes. Although leading a session was a bit uncomfortable amidst the high-energy interaction, it was certainly inspiring. True to the theme of her expertise, the essay captures the author’s “sense of accomplishment and growth in a short period of time.”

Disaster-Proof: How to Prepare for a Podcast Feed Outage

As Podnews reported last week, the RSS analytics service FeedPress experienced some technical difficulties on Wednesday. “Multiple incidents” led to “six hours offline” for the platform, rendering many podcasts inaccessible. We’ll take this as a learning opportunity.

Dan Misener at Pacific Content experienced the outage and has provided instructions for “disaster-proofing your podcast feed.” What would happen if your show’s hosting company went offline tomorrow? Preparation is essential: “If your podcast feed goes down, your show goes down.”

Ownership and control are the keys to avoiding trouble, states Misener. He explains why owning the domain names where your public RSS feeds live (instead of hosting them on someone else’s domain) is decidedly “worth the trouble.”

Meet Shannon Poe, PM's New Media Coordinator

This Monday we’d like to announce a new staff member at Podcast Movement. Shannon Poe is our new in-house Media Coordinator. She joined us this summer as a multimedia intern after graduating from Stephen F. Austin State University.

Instrumental at PM19, she operated the Live Stream backstage and created interactive social media content. Her journalism background, innovative nature, and bold ideas make her a valuable addition to our team. Welcome, Shannon!

Free Event on Wednesday: Beyond the Podcast Virtual Summit

Happy Monday, readers. The Beyond the Podcast Virtual Summit, hosted by AWeber, is just 2 days away. Tune in this Wednesday from 11:00am to 3:00pm ET to learn how to take your show to the next level. Industry experts will share advice on growing your podcast, generating more revenue, and building stronger connections with your listeners. Why miss out? Get your free virtual pass below.

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Here's what else is going on:

  • That podcash: NPR has projected that podcast sponsorship revenues “will surpass revenues from broadcast sponsorships” for the first time in fiscal year 2020. The budgeted $55 million from this “major growth engine” will continue to fund initiatives throughout the network.
  • Watch and learn: The TV debut of Brexitcast, the BBC’s “non-boring Brexit chat” podcast, drew more than 1 million viewers. The weekly show, broadcast from the network’s Westminster studio, covers the “complex and unpredictable” events surrounding the shift.
  • Dallas pod-palace: The Dallas Public Library’s three new maker spaces are home to podcasting studios that include video editing bays. City residents now have access resources like the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, including Premiere for video editing and Audition for audio.
  • Werk flow: Spreaker has announced title sponsorship of WNYC Studios’ Werk It, a festival “for women shaping the future of podcasting.” The company will be live-streaming sessions from the “passion and energy”-filled symposium, October 3-4 in Los Angeles.

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