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PodMov Daily: Monday, September 30

Episode 54: Your Monday Mix

Wisebuddah Content Team Launches Listen, a New Audio Production Company

The content team at London-based audio production company Wisebuddah have just announced the launch of Listen Entertainment Limited. Listen will be led by Adam Uytman, Director of Content; Josh Adley, Director of Commercial and Client Relations; and Tim Hammond, Executive Director.

Aiming to become the UK’s “largest audio-only production company,” the venture is anticipated to be “an instant production powerhouse.” With good reason: Listen is acquiring the content production business of Wisebuddah, including “current production, business development, marketing, operations and production finance teams.”

Although growth in podcasting will be Listen’s main focus, it will also offer a consultancy service, working with clients on their audio strategy. “The UK currently lags behind the US in innovation and investment in this space,” says Adley. “However, the next three years will see the UK catching up rapidly.”

Pumping the Brakes? Executives' Potential Qualms of the Future

The editors of Digiday report that at the company’s Publishing Summit, “executives talked about promising new revenue opportunities.” The recent wave of podcast advertising success “drew a surprising amount of caution.”

Citing “breathless forecasts of a $1 billion market,” it’s true that its rise has been meteoric. However, there’s concern that “the benefits are likely to go to only a few.” Both Sebastian Tomich, global head of advertising at The New York Times, and Charlie Kammerer, president and CRO of Slate, predict “content commoditization.”

In other words, when large, dominating platforms take over the ad experience, the norm may become “audience-targeted ads that commoditize most content outside the best of the best.” Broad-scale projections aside, the wave’s crest for smaller shows is likely just beginning to lift.

Thank Science! How to Smooth Those Vocals

An otherwise fine podcast can be tarnished by the dreaded “smack, smack, cough” and other distracting noises. Aaron Mak at Slate sympathizes with new podcasters concerned about a stray “croak, squawk, or smack during a recording.”

You may have heard that apples are popular for improving speech clarity. Tamara Levitt, host of the sleep and meditation app Calm, reportedly uses an apple juice remedy to enhance her vocals.

“Certain food and drink can affect the quality of your voice, particularly if consumed shortly before you start speaking,” explains Mak. “However, not all voice-augmenting dietary advice is based on sound science.”

What do the experts have to say about keeping it smooth behind the mic? We hear from a voice specialist and learn about the roles of salivary glands, pH levels, hydration. Also sour gummy peaches.

What're You Doing for International Podcast Day?

Happy Monday, readers. Today’s International Podcast Day! To celebrate, the organizers are hosting live streams galore. Social events, festivals, and meetups will be taking place around the world — check your neck of the woods.


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Here's what else is going on:

  • No-fear gear: Benjamin Frisch, producer of Slate’s Culture Gabfest and Decoder Ring, has written a beginner’s guide to podcasting gear.  Start off strong with “a microphone or two, a way to record that microphone’s audio, and a computer program to mix it into a podcast.”
  • Word of pod: 15 years ago, British journalist Ben Hammersley coined the word “podcast” as we know it. The term’s origins were confirmed by the OED, and the rest is history. Hammersley spoke to the BBC about the market transformations that took podcasts from “unlistenable to unmissable.”
  • Ladies who launch: The Cork Podcast Festival’s coming up, and Irish women are challenging “gender imbalance on the airwaves.” Meet three leading creators taking the stage: Alison Spittle (The Alison Spittle Show), Tara Flynn (Taranoia), and Caroline O’Donoghue (Sentimental Garbage).
  • Flex plan: Audience growth strategies must remain flexible as a podcast evolves. Whether you’re a beginner or have scored a few sponsorships, Come Alive Creative has suggestions for every stage. Backed up by stats and experience, this well-organized guide offers useful perspective.

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