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PodMov Daily: Tuesday, September 10

Episode 40: Your Newsday Tuesday

YouTube the Podcast Network? Crossover Creators Think So

As a growing number of top YouTube personalities launch podcasts, has the video platform become “a bonafide podcast network” in itself? The Verge points to three major YouTube stars that have started podcasts in the last year, noting the trend of content diversification.

These creators leverage YouTube’s recommendation algorithm to “make podcasts work on a platform that wasn’t designed for them,” writes Julia Alexander. Separate channels for bite-sized clips and highlights make entire franchises more discoverable and shareable.

Tom Webster’s “existential crisis” assessment points out that podcasts on YouTube technically aren’t — because they can’t be downloaded. However, they’re “every bit as much a part of the show as your podcast.” Joe Rogan’s podcast meets listeners where they realistically are, with millions of YouTube views to prove it. Audio-via-video is no longer just an auxiliary option.

Out Loud: Dawn Ostroff's Podcast Vision for Spotify

Dawn Ostroff, Spotify’s chief content officer, is building an “arsenal of podcasts.” Wendy Lee at the Los Angeles Times profiles the executive amidst the company’s quest to become the most listened-to audio network.

The “hundreds and hundreds” of upcoming original shows are meant to keep millennials coming back for more. “My motto has always been to follow young people and understand why they are going in a certain direction,” Ostroff said. Unafraid of making waves in the name of possibility, she’s granted Gimlet the resources and creative freedom to make content that is “really going to be loud.”

Expect more acquisitions to follow Gimlet and Parcast — Spotify has “earmarked up to $500 million this year to buy podcast-related businesses.” Now that the company has reached 79 markets worldwide, Ostroff has set her sights on developing international hits.

“Podcasters Love Stats”: The 2019 Gear Survey

The team at The Podcast Host has released an “updated picture of the podcasting gear-scape.” This report continues a Grand Gear Survey tradition, meaning it won’t “shame you into buying a bigger or better mic.” In fact, most respondents run their shows with “pretty modest setups.”

Data from 330 podcasters, clearly and colorfully visualized, reveals choices like microphone models, post-production processes and recording methods. “One of the main reasons for running this again, was that podcasters love stats,” writes Matthew McLean. “Mainly, it’s out of a genuine curiosity for this sort of thing.”

Which mic emerged the victor? Do more podcasters record live shows or video? While “top-of-the-range equipment doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have a brilliant podcast,” we thank TPH for a peek into methods and merch.

Beyond the Podcast Virtual Summit: Free Event, September 18

Happy Tuesday, readers. We’re proud to be sponsoring the upcoming Beyond the Podcast Virtual Summit, hosted by AWeber. On September 18, 6 successful industry experts will be sharing their knowledge for free. Learn how to grow your podcast, generate more revenue, and build stronger connections with your listeners. The best seat in the house is a click away — get your free virtual pass below.

If I could believe in myself, why not give other impobabilities the benefit of doubt?

Here's what else is going on:

  • By the numbers: Podcast data “flows like water from a hose,” according to Steven Goldstein of Amplifi Media. Make sense of the overwhelm with his list of 11 podcast stats “worth knowing.” Spoiler: not every hit podcast has been offered a TV production deal — yet.
  • With a “b”: Podcasting is “poised to become a billion-dollar ad category,” according to new estimates published by IPG Mediabrands’ Magna unit last week. Projected U.S. podcast ad spending for 2022 tops $1 billion, an 8.2% share of its audio ad marketplace.
  • Playing podcaster: Jessica Biel and Stanley Tucci star in Limetown, a new Facebook Watch drama series that takes podcasting “to a whole new level.” Based on the namesake podcast, the story follows Lia Haddock, a podcasting journalist unraveling a mystery involving 300 missing people.
  • Multitasking market: Interactive podcast startup Entale has received £2m in funding to “help expand its AI technology.” Entale “enables audiences to view social media posts, images and product links while listening to podcasts.” A slate of original shows is reportedly in the works.

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