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PodMov Daily: Monday, September 9

Episode 39: Your Monday Mix

Powerful Panel: PM19's Ethical True-Crime Discussion Spreads

The true-crime podcasting panel at PM19, moderated by Rebecca Lavoie of Crime Writers On…, has earned more high praise. Randall Colburn’s writeup for The AV Club is titled “Amateur sleuths should really listen to these journalists talk ethics in true crime podcasting.”

These individuals, four of the “most respected” in the field, are Justin Ling (Uncover: The Village), Connie Walker (Missing & Murdered), Natalie Jablonski (In the Dark), and Amber Hunt (Accused). True crime has long been romanticized and misrepresented in film, but the accessibility and influence of podcasting presents new and urgent journalistic standards.

“These shows, after all, reach more ears than most people realize,” Colburn asserts. Listen to the panel discuss “duty of care” in the investigative process and how the podcasting community can improve. Free audio of the panel, courtesy of CBC Podcasts, is available on the Crime Writers On… Patreon page.

Delta's Spotify Partnership: In-Flight Podcasts Expanding

Delta Airlines passengers will soon have access to “a variety of popular podcasts onboard its planes.” Shows include Reply AllDope Labs, and The Pitch. The offering is part of Delta’s new in-flight entertainment partnership with Spotify, joining “more than 3,000 movies, television shows and music choices.”

As Podnews points out, this development isn’t a huge leap. Most plane entertainment systems now include “a limited (and usually out-dated) selection” of podcasts. They haven’t been ubiquitous long, though. More passengers than ever are discovering audio shows via headrest.

In March 2017, a Skrift article named their limited availability one of 5 “missed opportunities for better in-flight entertainment.” It then notes that Gimlet had been “doubling down on the aviation space.” Two years later, when Spotify bought Gimlet, it acquired valuable mile-high real estate.

Short, High-Quality, Creative: Budget Branded Podcasts

A well-made branded podcast can increase value and engagement, but is rarely inexpensive to get off the ground. For businesses with smaller target audiences, a high-budget show doesn’t make strategic sense. Especially when pitching a podcast for the first time, it can be hard to budget effectively.

Steve Pratt at Pacific Content has the scoop on why “short, high-quality, and creative” branded shows are the best bang for your buck. Exactly where you focus your funding makes all the difference. Common missteps include settling for a low-quality show, maybe an interview format with “one-take, unedited recording.” High quality on a limited budget is best accomplished when you respect people’s time.

Make fewer episodes that run no longer than 25 minutes each. “I’d rather have a passionate, fully engaged audience who listen to every single episode because it’s so good than a semi-committed audience,” Pratt says. As long as you create a show your listeners value, “you can pull all sorts of levers to manage the budget, from length to frequency to format.”

Podcorn: Creative, Seamless Native Advertising for Podcasts

Finding sponsors for podcasts should be easy, but 85% of podcasters aren’t monetizing effectively. The native advertising experts at Podcorn are about to change that.

Their new self-service platform uses cutting-edge machine learning to match podcasters and brands based on relevant criteria. Podcorn offers opportunities for native branded content so that podcasters and brands can collaborate on creative content that flows organically. Podcasters can even price and pitch themselves to brands, leading to seamless integration and higher revenue. Why limit yourself when you can have more say and choice in creative ad formats?

When brands can actually be part of the conversation, everyone wins. Collaborate on interviews, reviews, topical discussions, roundtables with expert podcasters, branded series, and other creative integrations. An all-in-one dashboard streamlines and scales all the moving pieces, from campaign tracking to cross-platform distribution. It’s time to harness the power of creative branded content. Leave disruption and frustration behind — evolve your approach with Podcorn.

The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Evened out: Acast is transitioning to measurement under IAB v2 guidelines. The company notified publishers that by October, many users “will see a change in listener numbers – in most cases a decrease.” Podtrac, Podbean, Audioboom, and Libsyn have reported similar results.
  • Zine to be seen: The Homemade Camera Podcast explores the processes and images of homemade camera builds. To add a visual element to the show’s audio, the creators are releasing an accompanying print zine to showcase great creations of niche photography.
  • Film to audio: Variety profiles Glen Basner, the founder of FilmNation, as the company diversifies beyond film into podcasts. Its filmmaking approach, “Don’t bore people,” has been applied to the audio medium in shows like the sci-fi series Hyper-Thetical for Luminary.
  • Zesty move: As the internet has thoroughly noted, LeBron James has made moves to trademark the term “Taco Tuesday.” His proposal includes locking it down for “podcasting services,” with a plan to launch a TT-themed show under the name. What a time to be alive.

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