New Podcast Listeners Migrating from Reigning Radio


PodMov Daily: Monday, March 30

Episode 173: Your Monday Mix

New Podcast Listeners Migrating from Reigning Radio

In Forbes, Bill Rosenblatt calls attention to Infinite Dial findings around listener migration. “If the music industry is worried about podcasts eating into music’s share of the American audio diet, new survey data suggests that such worries are unfounded,” he says. “The rising number of podcast listeners are coming from AM/FM radio.”

The Infinite Dial 2020, released last week, is the latest in the esteemed series from Edison Research. With NPR, Edison also produces The Spoken Word Audio Report. Rosenblatt comments on those findings: Podcasts are “currently only 17% of all spoken word audio listening. In other words, only 4% of current audio listening is to podcasts.”

However, Rosenblatt points out that “radio still has a huge audience.” In cars, AM/FM is still the number one audio source by a long shot. Essentially, “most of the new podcast listenership is coming from AM/FM radio, but AM/FM radio listenership is still so large that the shift to podcasts isn’t making much difference.”

Professional-Grade Blanket Forts: Pacific Content on Home Recording

Last week Tara Brockwell of Pacific Content wrote about how to get the best possible audio recording from a distance. Continuing the company’s series, sound designer Shawn Cole experimented with hosts and producers for several weeks. The result: how to set up a realistic and decent-sounding podcast studio at home.

“The challenge can be broken down into two parts: equipment and environment,” Cole writes. The guide suggests gear for both the technically savvy and those “looking for a simpler plug-and-play solution.” Environmentally, “a walk-in closet is a dream come true for us reverb-averse sound folkx […] Heck, there may even be carpet in there! Perfection.”

Those short on space or materials will be pleased to find quick, cost-effective workarounds for each tip. (Need to smooth those popping p’s? Look no further than a wool sock for a microphone cover. In a pinch, pantyhose and an embroidery ring can be fashioned into a pop filter.)

The uStudio Podcast Buyer’s Guide: Choices for Every Creator

Podcasters have more equipment options than ever before. Whether you’re building a basic setup or considering a professional upgrade, don’t let ‘analysis paralysis’ slow you down. The uStudio Podcast Buyer's Guide is your free resource for reliable reviews.

The free eBook evaluates podcast gear at every budget, using a 5-tier rating system based on cost and features. uStudio goes beyond microphones and mixers — the guide is packed with recommendations from camera-mounted microphones to room wall sound treatments.

According to the uStudio Podcast on Podcasting, “no amount of gear is going to save a terrible show.” Jokes aside, committing to audio equipment is a serious decision that deserves trustworthy guidance.

Enterprises and market leaders such as Nike, Facebook, Dell, and Uber trust the experts at uStudio for secure and customizable private podcast distribution to their remote and dispersed workforces. Explore the free Podcast Buyer's Guide to find out why.

There are two ways of exerting one’s strength. One is pushing down, the other is pulling up.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Vibes, explained: With Samson and Podchaser, The Podcast Host conducted a wide-ranging survey on how listeners discover new shows. Which first-impression details distinguish a ‘yes’ from a ‘pass’? Watch for pain points like audio quality and ad presence.
  • Caution tape: In Digiday, Kristina Monllos explores how media advertisers are gingerly proceeding after a pause on spending. “Plans are constantly evolving across the industry for those still advertising” as agencies identify opportunities and potential risks.
  • Vast horizon: The Canadian Podcast Network will be launched by broadcasting veteran Allan Holender this spring. The goal of the “new global initiative” is to “deliver a roster of dynamic and locally-driven podcast content that will move with its audiences.”
  • Spring break: Until the end of April, Deezer is offering three months of access to its paid plans for new subscribers. To help listeners cope with limited activity, the French streaming service will lend “more than 56 million tracks, podcasts and radio stations.”

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