Niche Neighborhoods: Network Analysis for Podcasts


PodMov Daily: Friday, May 29

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Niche Neighborhoods: Network Analysis for Podcasts

Several weeks ago, Dan Misener of Pacific Content created a map of the most popular shows in Apple Podcasts, observing their clustered ‘neighborhoods.’ Misener uses this network analysis technique “to understand podcast audiences at an even deeper level, and identify niches within niches.” In other words, opportunity.

There are over 55,000 shows in the Technology category. Using ”Listeners Also Subscribed To” data, Misener’s model links subgroups (e.g., ham radio, Tesla enthusiasts, hackers and cybersecurity) with common audiences. “All tech shows get lumped together into one big bucket,” but we shouldn’t accept the monolith at face value.

“Smart podcasters understand their audience, then build shows designed to serve that audience,” Misener explains. No matter your budget, sponsorship arrangement, or content plans, it pays to understand these niche neighborhoods within your larger category. Plus, these data visualizations are seriously satisfying.

Blubrry Pioneer: A Conversation with Todd Cochrane

Todd Cochrane, the founder and CEO of Blubrry Podcasting, has been dedicated to the game since 2004. Cochrane joined Steve Wartenberg of Columbus CEO for a chat about the company’s origins, the medium’s earliest days, and what it’s like to run the second-largest podcasting service and hosting site in the U.S.

“‘Five years ago, if someone asked me what I did, and I told them I was in podcasting, they’d say ‘What’s a podcast?’” Cochrane told Wartenburg. ‘“Now, when I tell people I’m in podcasting, they ask the name of the show.”’ The two discuss the last 15 years of growth with commentary from fellow industry veterans like Rob Greenlee of Libsyn.

A member of the inaugural class of the Podcasting Hall of Fame, Cochrane and Podcast Movement go way back. “Todd is a fierce advocate for podcasting and the principles it was built on,” said PM President Dan Franks. “He’s super passionate about this, and [he] makes sure to stand up for the independent podcaster.”

Book Launchers: Get Published, Grow Your Podcast

The key to a bestselling book, and a hit podcast, is a strong hook. To pull in your ideal audience, you have to offer brilliance they can’t find anywhere else. With that hook in mind, your show is primed to be profitable on paper. Book Launchers delivers top-tier marketing and manuscript development to make it happen.

Your podcast defines your message in one way. Let Book Launchers bring your story to life for new audiences and new revenue. Welcome to the next generation of self-publishing: From writing to design and promotion, you’re supported through the entire process.

If writing isn’t your element, welcome. The expert writers and coaches at Book Launchers specialize in non-fiction that shines. (#noboringbooks — they mean it.) Their dedicated marketing team ensures polished presentation, fast-tracking your book to readers and revenue.

Ready to stand out, sell, and amplify your impact? Download your free 7-step guide to get started.

Don’t apologize for being powerful. They don’t.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Upward, onward: Starting Monday, the Creatress Summit will gather podcasters, filmmakers, and more for a 5-day virtual conference designed to help women of color working in the media industry elevate their skills. Free passes are available for daily access.
  • Wise generation: Anissa Pierre of PRX catches up with Mia Warren, the co-creator and executive producer of Feeling My Flo. The groundbreaking podcast, an honest and inclusive conversation about periods, is featured on the new TRAX network for young people.
  • Well, sure: According to Nina Goetzen of Business Insider, new estimates indicate that Spotify claimed the highest daily engagement of any American audio streaming platform last year, surpassing Pandora's significant share of digital audio time.
  • Decade download: Stitcher has released its Podcasting Report 2020, reflecting on what’s changed in the 10+ years since the app’s launch. Insights include detailed analysis of in-app data, network content and listener demographics, plus a virus-related update.

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