Offer Paid Listeners a Painkiller, Not a Vitamin


PodMov Daily: Monday, August 15

Episode 701: Your Monday Mix

Offer Paid Listeners a Painkiller, Not a Vitamin

Up against bills and Netflix, patron-supported work has to compete fiercely month after month. Jay Acunzo (The Unmistakable Creative) has a great analogy: “You better offer a painkiller, not a vitamin. Or you’re cut first.” A painkiller podcast isn’t just entertainment – it feels like essential maintenance. 

The “entire, finite pie of someone’s recurring spend” is a balance of needs and wants. Acunzo is getting at a deeply personal version of Spotify’s stated goal: for their product to be considered as necessary as electricity. Something that listeners can’t part with when they reevaluate their list of subscriptions. 

A painkiller in this context allows a listener to function at their best. (It’s not just about relieving misery, though podcasts are great at that, too.) A podcast and associated perks lock into that budget pie over time. Episode by episode, the listening habit becomes valuable beyond entertainment. 

Sitting in traffic is the type of recurring pain podcasters should think about. Over a month, a listener with a 30-minute commute could spend 20 hours staring at taillights. If your podcast makes them laugh uninterrupted by ads, $5 per month becomes an unquestionably good deal. Bye, mobile games.

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Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Track team: The Latino Podcast Listener Report 2022 webinar from Edison Research is tomorrow at 2:00 pm ET. Gabriel Soto and Elsie Escobar will present emerging listener habits and preferences, including interest in video and feelings about ads on Spanish-language podcasts. Free registration.
  • Base camp: “Building an Engaged Community” from Podcasting, Seriously is this Wednesday at 4:00 pm ET. #WeAllGrowLatina Founder & CEO Ana Flores and Co-Partner Vanessa Santos will join Twitter Spaces to discuss how to build an engaged community from the ground up. No account needed.
  • Open door: Making money through memberships isn’t about building a client list, says Joe Fisher (Midnight Burger) in Podcast Marketing Magic. “Don't drive yourself crazy with complicated benefits, just make sure you're giving them an opportunity to be a shareholder in a show they believe in.”
  • Power tools: “Podcast Show Notes” from the Black Podcasters Association is next Thursday, August 25. Danielle Desir Corbett (The Thought Card) will discuss the function of episode descriptions, which details to include, and how to optimize the benefits. $10 registration for non-members.

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