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    PodMov Daily: Tuesday, March 10

    Episode 159: Testing, One Two-sday

    On Air Fest: Joshua Dudley’s Dispatches from Day One

    Joshua Dudley of Forbes returns to review On Air Fest in Brooklyn, which wrapped up on Sunday. Dudley’s Dispatches from Day One describes a vibrant, expanding vision come to life through audio art installations and dynamic conversations.

    “The Con,” just one aspect of the event, is an “interactive crime story” designed by Zac Stuart-Pontier of Crimetown. It’s an immersive, “four-act noir podcast created to be listened to in four different locations at the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn.”

    Dudley quotes Scott Newman, the founder of On Air Fest and WorkxWork: “Audio is an art form. It’s not just a media unit where you sell advertising. It should be thought about and elevated in the way that other art forms are approached.”

    Publisher Podcast Awards: Olly Mann on The Week Unwrapped

    At last week’s Publisher Podcast Awards in London, 12 podcasts out of “more than 120 entries and 77 shortlisted applicants” received honors. Jacob Granger of Journalism.co.uk shares commentary from Olly Mann, the host of The Week Unwrapped.

    Named the best news and current affairs podcast, The Week Unwrapped is based on a philosophy of timelessness. Mann explains its premise: “Here are the stories you missed, and because you missed them this time, you will still have missed them in three months’ time.”

    The episodes’ long shelf lives of interest may have set the series apart from tough competition like The Telegraph and The Economist. Mann says the secret for a long-running news show is to “make it something that people will want to listen to the back catalogue of.”

    Learning to Podcast Boosts Confidence and Mental Well-Being

    Anna Turns of the Evening Standard explores how learning a new skill, podcasting in particular, can boost mental health and confidence. North London-based journalist Jenny Stallard explains how her podcast Freelance Feels has improved her employability.

    “Podcasting is a digital skill many employers look for, plus it shows I’m keeping up with industry trends,” Stallard said. Hobbyist or ‘passion’ podcasters reap the same major benefits from their craft as the pros. Developing creative acuity is reason enough to keep momentum.

    Psychologist Natasha Tiwari explains how lifelong learning restores control. “That boost in self-esteem and creativity is a wonderful reminder that one is able to trust in their ability to bring about change in their lives,” Tiwari says. “It’s hugely empowering.”

    Happy Tuesday, readers, and here’s to Ira Glass, the recipient of the first-ever Audio Vanguard award at On Air Fest. “A creative icon whose work has advanced the culture of audio”? Yes. Surprise balloon animal phenomenon? Also yes.


    Team PM

    Genius might be the ability to say a profound thing in a simple way.

    Here’s what else is going on:

    • Spirit week: Chartable will be publishing a weekly Top 200 podcast chart, reports Podcast Business Journal. “The company is also launching over a dozen genre-specific charts, from Arts to True Crime, ranked on audience size.”
    • Power panel: RAIN news reports that The Seneca Women Podcast Network and iHeartMedia will be co-producing and distributing a slate of shows “centered on women in business, leadership, current events, health, and more.”
    • Packing tape: Spotify’s redesigned homescreen has “higher information density,” displaying recommendations that change throughout the day. Six slots at the top of the screen hold a mix of preferred playlists, podcasts, and albums.
    • Travel voucher: In a WOC Podcasters post, Cepee Tabibian shares the story of her online community that grew into a lifestyle podcast. She Hit Refresh inspires women over 30 to explore the world and become ‘location independent.’

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