On Air Fest: Podcast Sessions Streaming Free This Week


PodMov Daily: Tuesday, April 6

Episode 401: Testing, One Two-sday

On Air Fest: Podcast Sessions Streaming Free This Week

This Thursday through Saturday, Brooklyn’s On Air Fest will stream free for the first time. The schedule is full of podcast industry and creative sessions, each with à la carte registration. Thursday’s events run from 9:30 am to 8:00 pm CT, hosted by the pasta wizard himself, Dan Pashman (The Sporkful). A preview of Day 1:

At 12:30 pm, Hot Pod editor Nicholas Quah will MC a town hall on the state of the podcast industry. He’ll be speaking with heavy-hitting experts: Broccoli Productions CEO Renay Richardson, Water & Music Founder Cherie Hu, and Radiolab co-host Latif Nasser. The talk is two and a half hours long, so we’ll be packing a snack.

Earlier sessions include “Beyond The Mic: Establishing a Relationship with your Listeners Off-App,” “Monetization for ‘Medium’ Podcasters with AdsWizz,” and a conversation about business-creative balance with Brittany Lackey and Germani Manning (The Black Girl Bravado). Check the full lineup here.

Podcast Radio’s Blend of Discovery and Engagement

The London-based Podcast Radio is the world’s first 24-hour radio station devoted to podcasts. Mark Sparrow of Forbes calls the mixture of shows, interviews, and reviews “innovative and slightly intoxicating.” For just over a year, the station’s ‘podjocks’ have approached discovery with behind-the-scenes depth. 

Broadcast industry veterans Gerry Edwards and Paul Chantler call the shots. The goal is to expose listeners to new shows while making it easy to engage with interviews, news updates, and charts. Not only does the website have a searchable database, but each show has a bio with creator details and download links.

Sparrow thinks the UK’s top radio critic sums it up perfectly. Gillian Reynolds, a broadcaster of 46 years, wrote in a recent column: “Podcast Radio has found its place on the dial because of its investors’ belief that, with millions of podcasts to choose from, people will trust radio to discern the ones that are worth hearing.”

Podcast Success Starts with Collaboration

Smart collaboration is the key to growing your show. Every day on Audry, podcasters meet, connect and share knowledge with like-minded peers. Sammy and Maddy are just two of 12,000 creators swapping ideas and organizing cross-promotions that work.

“We have discovered amazing partners and peers that speak our language and are on board to help us grow,” say the co-hosts of Girl and The Gov, The Podcast. Audry is a seamless tool that makes it easy to ask questions, find support, and excel through teamwork.

Ready to own your success story? Join Yoel, Nichel, Brian, and thousands more on Audry — a diverse community where podcasters team up and grow together. A fast, free sign-up and your Apple Podcasts URL is all you need to start browsing.

It's really easy to fall into the trap of believing that what we do is more important than what we are.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Odd future: For This American Life alumna Stephanie Foo, finding and pitching stories is a curious process. “It’s basically writing fan fiction,” she says. “I’m coming up with ideas in my head for what the juiciest story would be. And then I try to see if it exists — and a lot of the time it does.”
  • Giving tree: Podchaser’s #Reviews4Good event is back for a second year. Through April, 25 cents will be donated to Meals on Wheels America’s Go Further Fund for every show and episode review left on the platform. When a podcaster replies to a review, Podchaser will double the donation.
  • Tragic tale: Clubhouse is packed with brands considering audio-only marketing for the first time. Robin Swithinbank of The New York Times peeks into those for which looks are everything: “There are questions about Clubhouse’s relevance to the physical, visual world of luxury watchmaking.” 
  • Mapped out: The inaugural Africa PodFest in February held 10 hours of stories, workshops and resources. Stephanie Fuccio’s Viewing Guide makes it easy to engage with any topic. Her breakdown of the YouTube stream is complete with session descriptions, links, and time stamps.

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