Overcast is Bringing New Transparency to Podcast Ads


PodMov Daily: Wednesday, September 2

Episode 277: Your Midweek Update

Overcast is Bringing New Transparency to Podcast Ads

With its latest update, Overcast is bringing new transparency to podcast ads. “Listeners who are in the beta can now view the services their favorite podcasts use to serve ads and track listeners,” explains Ashley Carman of The Verge. This includes dynamic advertising, where networks swap and target ads based on who's listening.

“To view a show’s privacy settings, you’ll just have to tap on the show and then select privacy and tracking,” says Carman. “You can’t opt out of this tracking, but the feature might at least make more people aware that it’s happening.” Above all this update gives listeners clarity, unlike those dreaded Terms & Conditions.

“This distinguishes Overcast particularly from Spotify, which gathers more information than any other platform with little transparency,” Carman points out. Given Google’s vast, data-rich targeting practices, Google Podcasts may eventually follow suit. Overcast is the first major podcasting app to offer users a peek behind the curtain.

Weekly Update: PM Virtual's First Round of Speakers

This week’s update introduces the first round of speakers for PM Virtual this October. Studio Ochenta CEO and founder Lory Martinez, Blubrry CEO Todd Cochrane, and Punam Saxena of EduMe are just a few to join the roster. Read on and stay tuned ― the second round of speakers will be revealed next week.

In other news, the PM Facebook group has reached over 44,000 members. Since 2014, it's grown into one of the largest podcast communities in the world. We’re especially proud to announce that Buzzsprout has partnered with us to sponsor the diverse community of creators and industry professionals.

Innovate: Swellcast Your Podcast

Podcasts and Swellcasts are perfect partners. Create companion clips for each episode, independent bonus content, and more. Just share your channel link in your podcast description and connect. You can even stream Swellcasts on your site with a simple widget.

Anyone can listen to your posts and reply with audio of their own. Instantly make your community voices feel heard and appreciated, and build loyalty that lasts. Have public or private chats, get creative with audio emojis, and customize your channel. Hashtags and keywords make it easy to follow, search, and engage.

Record and share without limits — Swell is the audio app that gives your listeners more of what they love. Just download the app, share what’s on your mind, and get into it! The Swell experience is timeless yet completely new.

Whatever you are, be a good one.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Wise advice: Say a nonfiction podcaster learns something unfavorable or unflattering about a subject. Maybe it adds to the richness of the story. What do you include and what do you leave out? According to Transom's Rob Rosenthal, taking the “squirm test” will reveal your answer.
  • Live round: The London Podcast Festival has announced the first events of 2020’s program. Griefcast and No Such Thing as a Fish are among the lineup. King’s Place will host a limited-capacity, socially distanced audience. All events will also be livestreamed via pay per view.
  • Say anything: Joe Rogan's “first Spotify podcast” is a 5-hour marathon with regular guest Duncan Trussell. “Spotify will also have video, and the show will be completely free and uncensored, as it has been,” Rogan said on Instagram. The JRE goes exclusive on December 1.
  • Listen local: PodMN, a new podcast app built specifically for Minnesota, is out of beta. The Minnesota-based Hubbard Radio created the platform to boost discoverability of local shows. The app includes podcasts from radio and TV stations, newspapers, and universities.

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